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Letters: Taking a pro-choice stand, corrupt governments

Pro-choice stand

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump initially said before backtracking that when he becomes president, women who get abortions will be punished. I’m not surprised by his initial expression and know he’s not alone.

Electing a Republican president will guarantee the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and the elimination of reproductive choice. And when abortions are illegal, Republican attorneys general will absolutely punish women who break the law.

I’m pro-choice but I want people to choose life. I don’t understand those who want to drive Planned Parenthood out of business.

We should increase Planned Parenthood funding and ensure that all women in America have unrestricted access to reproductive options so that the need for abortion will seldom arise.

Scott Roby


Corrupt governments

My greatest fear for America is the increase of corruption that seems to be escalating within our government. Corruption is perhaps the greatest reason that countries around the world fail their citizens.

Although the government of the U.S. is much less corrupt than some, it is a growing concern. I would like to ask candidates for example, “Why should an elected official take even one meal bought by a lobbyist?”

Why should a candidate be able to win favor with electors by buying them something of value? Are not the countries of this world with the greatest problems the most corrupt?

Of course they are, it is a documented truth. And what kind of officials have we that can be bought in the first place?

If you read the book, “Clinton Cash,” you will see how corruption can work, and how insidious it can be. But this isn't about a single candidate or situation.

It is about corruption becoming too common in our society. Were it up to me, a senator or representative would not be able to take even a cup of coffee bought by someone trying to influence that person.

Herman Kirkpatrick


Costly Kobach

In the litany of embarrassing acts by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, The Star's April 12 editorial, “Kobach embarrasses Kansans... again and again and again,” notes that Kobach dismissed the bogus charges he had filed against Betty Gaedtke.

We Kansas taxpayers might ask what that process cost us, but a better question is what it cost Ms. Gaedtke to defend herself against an ideologically driven zealot with the power of the state behind him.

Scott Gregory

Roeland Park

Consumer freedom

“Religious freedom” laws are being considered or passed in many states. A suggestion: All retail businesses that support such legislation should advertise their position.

This would mean all print, video and website material would apply. Furthermore, signage should be prominently displayed in letter/font size that is readable to all citizens.

Printed material should be placed on the windows, doors and counters space of their business, too. Let’s let everyone know what the retailer’s beliefs are so the general public can make its own choice of whom to support financially.

Charles Lusk


Enjoy area parks

There is no more democratic place within a community than a park. All are welcome regardless of the multitude of prejudices and bigotries that infect our culture today.

I hope that each and every individual will find the time to go with a loved one to enjoy what each park may offer.

And as one whose job it is to pick up trash in a park, you might help me, for all do not think as you do.

John Nelles


Fossil fuel folly

Imagine New York City, Boston and coastal cities all over the world being flooded under several feet of water. James E. Hansen, retired NASA climate scientist, and others have come out with a new report, which is plain scary.

Because of our reliance on fossil fuels with the heat-trapping carbon dioxide they release, we may be heading for an “abrupt climate shift.” In The New York Times and The Kansas City Star last month, the scientists reported that fresh water from melting land ice flowing into the ocean could result in the rapid melting of parts of the huge ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica.

Big chunks of melting polar ice caused the sea level to rise 20 to 30 feet 120,000 years ago when the Earth warmed to a temperature a little higher than today. The Hansen report says we could have a sea level rise of several feet over the next 50 years.

We must abandon fossil fuel for solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear produced energy.

Mary Helen Korbelik

Mission Hills

Disgraceful rhetoric

Would someone please explain to me how the present leader of a major party can so fully describe the enormous harm done to our country as a whole by the belligerent tone used and the admonitions to denigrate people belonging to a certain faith (Muslims) and suggest more restraint be used in the future, but then he goes on to state that he, the supposed leader of this party, will be voting for this person if he should be the nominee?

I would respectfully suggest, Mr. Speaker of the House, that you are putting loyalty to your party ahead of what is best for your country as a whole and are as guilty as any of the people whose rhetoric is so disgraceful.

Patricia M. Cracraft


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