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Letters to the editor: American Royal, renewing vehicle tags in person, poor road plan

American Royal

We all know of the Golden Rule: Those with all the gold rule. Have you ever wondered what happens when those with the gold can’t rule or get their way?

They pout. Reading recent accounts of the American Royal’s refusing to participate in the Kansas City City Council request for proposals process, one certainly gets the impression of a bunch of rich entitled kids pouting because they didn’t get their way. And, I don’t have an interest in how this matter turns out one way or the other.

Jim Byfield

Roeland Park

Pinching the poor

We read in the Johnson County government magazine that the county is going to charge an extra $5 per vehicle if a resident renews a vehicle tag in person. We find this change to be an injustice on people who may be poor or less-educated.

This is the type of person who many times cannot afford this extra fee and is not able to work around the online process. These individuals are the ones who show up at the motor vehicle office with whatever paperwork they think is needed, and then work carefully with the staff in the motor vehicle office to take care of the renewals.

The people who staff these offices should be there for the purpose of assisting anyone who needs to do the renewals in person. It should be their job.

We already pay a fee in Johnson County to renew our tags in addition to the actual tax. For an older vehicle the fee could be more than the tax and for most vehicles the fee is a substantial percent of the total bill. It just seems so unfair for a taxpayer to pay extra just to pay his taxes in person.

William and Kathleen Stull


Poor road plan

There is this lovely little spot on the highway, right where U.S. 69 and Interstate 35 meet, right around 75th and I-35. This little mess of a highway is where we bring our lanes down from five to three.

How could the city so poorly design this stretch of highway? People are backed up for miles every weekday.

Who designed this awful roadway, which cost the taxpayers millions and took eons to complete? I know nothing about highway design but I do know that I could construct a highway system better than the status quo in this area of I-35.

Joe DeMarco

Overland Park

Laughs in The Star

Some time ago, a letter in The Star stated that reading the letters was a way to get your really big laughs. I agree somewhat.

But a better way is to read The Star’s columnists. Steve Kraske and Dave Helling are particularly hilarious, even when they act as reporters, and not just as columnists.

My all-time favorite, though was Mike Hendricks, complaining about the Shawnee councilmen who voted for something in a straw vote, and then voting against it after consulting with their constituents.

Rex Hargis


Drug test gun owners

I see now that after its fiasco with voter suppression laws, our enlightened Kansas Legislature now sees fit to further assault those less fortunate than themselves to mandatory drug testing in order for those individuals to receive public assistance (12/2, A1, “Drug testing for welfare recipients gets a rough start”). Such a decision is callous, immoral, unconscionable and ought to be against the law.

First of all, mandatory drug testing, by its very nature, assumes guilt, placing the burden of proof on the on the individual, which violates the Fourth Amendment. And taking the drug test violates an individual’s right against self-incrimination violating the Fifth Amendment. Then, if that individual decides against taking the drug test, he is deprived of his rights without due process of law.

I know what’s next, as most will argue that the courts affirm drug testing and some occupations regularly subject employees the such testing. OK, let’s extend that logic to all gun owners before buying any weapon or ammunition.

Because operating a gun and driving a forklift under the influence of drugs represents both a danger to society and the owner him/herself, we should subject both to monthly drug tests. If drug testing is good enough for welfare recipients, it’s certainly good enough for gun owners.

Now, gun owners, how does it feel to have your integrity questioned?

Tom Davis


Democrats, abortion

President Barack Obama thinks it’s legal for him to use executive power to help reform immigration. He thinks it’s OK for him to bypass Congress because of a lack of progress made by its members to bring about reform.

I am left wondering why so many members of the Democratic Party are apparently interested in helping those in need when it comes to immigration reform and helping feed the hungry but don’t do likewise when it comes to helping those most in need among us today — the unborn. Yes, why do most members of this party support the “right” to abortion?

Perhaps this quote from Mother Teresa’s 1994 National Prayer Breakfast speech will shed some light: “Many people are very, very concerned with the children of India, with the children of Africa, where quite a few die of hunger, and so on. Many people are also concerned about all the violence in this great country of the United States. These concerns are very good. But often these same people are not concerned with the millions who are being killed by the deliberated decision of their own mothers. And this is what is the greatest destroyer of peace today — abortion which brings people to such blindness.”

That analysis could be used to describe the Democratic Party, couldn’t it? And memo to President Obama: Mother Teresa called abortion “the greatest destroyer of peace.” So how is it that Obama was awarded a Nobel Peace prize when he supports abortion as a right?

Michael Rachiele

Prairie Village

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