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Letters to the editor

Election sign theft

Mission’s elections for mayor and council representatives are not until April 1, but I’ve already had two signs supporting Steve Schowengerdt for mayor and Bill Nichols for Ward IV stolen from my property.

If you support a candidate, let that candidate stand on his or her own merits. Stealing your opponents’ signs simply spotlights your ignorance, cowardice and lack of integrity. And, by the way, it’s illegal.

Grow up and play fairly.

Susan Genova
Mission Religious bias

The Kansas House endorsed discrimination for me, my 22-year partner and our son. They have worked to place us in a second-class citizen status while denying us our equal rights.

HB2453 would have allowed anyone to refuse to serve me if it’s contrary to their sincerely held religious beliefs. What about other factions that do not coincide with individual beliefs?

How about a department of motor vehicle line for Muslims? Atheists? Mormons?

Were the bill crafted like that, I might believe it was an attempt to protect people’s religious beliefs. But it isn’t.

It’s hard to believe that I live in the 21st century and am dealing with a fight to maintain basic human rights. I’m glad to know that Senate President Susan Wagle agrees that HB2453 promotes discrimination.

I caution the Senate and governor to tread cautiously. For the next civil liberties that might be taken are their own.

Meanwhile, I will continue to pay my bills, support my community, attend church, help the less fortunate and raise a wonderful child. All while accepting those around me who believe differently than I do.

But I will continue to fight for all our rights. I will leave this world better than I found it.

Kate Guimbellot Olathe Obama, executive orders

Many people are talking about President Barack Obama using executive orders to work around Congress. This is no big deal.

What is a big deal are his executive “non-orders.” Numerous times he has violated the Constitution he swore to uphold and defend. Article 2 of the Constitution requires him to “dutifully enforce all federal laws.”

He has refused to enforce laws considering illegal immigration, gay marriage and now he is even delaying and refusing to enforce his namesake law — Obamacare. Many presidents have issued executive orders, as the Constitution permits.

However, only one president has gotten away with such a blatant disregard of our nation’s most important document, the Constitution. His feet need to be held to the fire to make him perform in the office as he swore upon the Bible on inauguration day.

Joe Lavender Lenexa Butchered giraffe

A strong, healthy giraffe was killed at the Copenhagen Zoo earlier this month — butchered and fed to large predatory cats. The giraffe was not injured, diseased or genetically defective.

He was euthanized because his family tree showed him to be genetically redundant. Interviews with the zoo director had him hiding behind bureaucratic directives to use an “I was only following orders” excuse. This act was still inexcusable.

We still don’t know the entirety of genetic code and what is and isn’t important, or even useful. Junk DNA was spliced into the genome because someone with an evolutionary trait survived something.

My big concern is that as human genetics is advanced, we must be vigilant that human eugenics is not allowed to reappear. The director’s actions shows what could administratively happen to any of us.

Brad Lieffring Prairie Village Kansas opulence

Toto, I think we are in Baghdad now. When you peel back the cheesy opulence of Saddam Hussein’s palace you can compare it to the chic excess of the newly remodeled Kansas Statehouse.

In order to afford to build them, the people in power in Iraq and in Kansas increased poverty and decreased literacy of the general population. The difference is that in Iraq, they killed those who objected.

In Kansas, authorities restrict the people’s right to vote.

Steve Johnston Leawood Kansas Capitol

“The Kansas Capitol in Topeka has been restored to its former glory after a renovation that took 13 years,” (2-16, Star Magazine). Too bad the same can’t be said of the lawmakers who legislate there.

Ron Fugate Overland Park Wrong in Kansas

Banking and mortgage fraud have been problems. Thousands of American soldiers died in pursuit of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Weather events have been unprecedented in our lifetime. Corporate finance acrobatics continue.

Unemployment remains a problem.

How is it our legislators are focused on “religious freedoms?”

Conni Nevius Spring Hill Trust, Postal Service

The Feb. 17 edition of The Kansas City Star had a nice article about the U.S. Postal Service, “Vying to put a stamp on postal reform.” The article listed many issues, details about lobbying, stories of those wishing to cling to the past and the politics involved.

It also went into how the government was getting organized to begin making needed repairs. My observation at this point would be that with the help those in Washington, D.C., we can be assured of a quick and speedy solution to the problem.

If you buy that, I have some beach front property for sale in Arizona. Kind of like the check’s in the mail or something to that effect.

Tom Spath Lenexa