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Letters to the 913 editor

Overland Park’s flub

As a resident of this city, I have to say that I am disgusted at the handling of Google coming to our city (10-16, 913, “Google seeks indefinite delay”). It is clear that Overland Park officials were only acting in their interests and not the interests of the people those officials were elected to represent.

It comes as no surprise to me that Google would walk away after almost a full year of negotiations with Overland Park. The City Council and mayor dragging their feet on this vote has caused potentially irreversible harm to our city’s economy, as residents will move to areas where they can get the services they desire and need.

As a recent home buyer in Overland Park I am now fearful that the value of my property will dramatically decrease as Overland Park becomes a joke in the Kansas City area. The largest city without basic infrastructure? It sounds like a joke.

Delaying the vote has not only hurt Overland Park’s ability to compete on a local level with surrounding cities, but also on a global scale, as many developed nations treat high speed Internet access as a human rights issue and push for fiber connections across their countries. Access to high speed Internet has shown to have dramatically positive effects on students grades, as they have better access to information.

Because city officials strung along Google, you are basically stating you don’t care about our children’s future, or ability to learn, you have doomed us to a dark age. Let me put it this way, because you wasted Google’s time, it’s akin to saying, “No thank you, we don’t want telephone service, we’ll stick with telegraphs.”

Joshua R. Constable Overland Park Health care thanks

This letter is meant to be both a thank you and an apology to the younger generations. I made lifestyle choices in my younger years that have resulted in my being placed in a high risk health category.

My monthly insurance premium for a high deductible health insurance policy was just over $1,400. This premium has been difficult to fit into my budget.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act my insurance premiums will be reduced to under $550.00. In addition, my deductibles and total out of pocket expenses are lower.

Obviously my medical needs and the associated costs haven’t changed. Because there isn’t any such thing as a free lunch, I recognize other people are paying more than they should so that I can pay less.

I suspect this burden will fall primarily on the younger people who are in good health. Unfortunately you have had to give up some of the freedom of choice that I enjoyed to support the new health care law and you will have to pay higher premiums.

I just wanted to apologize for the burden my generation is placing on you and to thank you for your support in getting this law passed.

William Gray Overland Park All federal workers

It’s time members of Congress feel the pain for decisions they make. For instance, when they vote to reduce pay for federal employees by 10 percent, that should apply to them as well.

When they require federal workers to pay more for their insurance and health care, it should apply to them as well. When they require federal agencies to reduce their workforce, they must cut staff as well.

Why is it that they can shut down all federal agencies and programs, but House Speaker John Boehner sends a directive that the elite gym that only members of Congress are allowed to use must stay open. Of course there is hardship as they can’t have their personal trainers and must bring their own towels.

However, the gym that staff members use had to be closed. Because congressional pay is protected by the Constitution, I say an amendment is needed.

It could be a simple one-liner such as, “In the event of a government shutdown, no federal employee, including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government shall be paid during that time.”

In other words, everyone will feel the pain and essential employees must work but with no pay until everything is resolved.

Karen Lane Overland Park Insuring adult kids

OK parents of uninsured adult children, you can encourage them to get insurance or be ready to pay their costs when they do need care. Guess which will be a lot cheaper?

You might even want to pay their premiums.

Charles E. Downing Roeland Park GOP customers

House Speaker John Boehner’s dad goes on vacation and says, “Son. Watch the bar for me.”

Once dad is gone a bully walks in, says boo and demands free drinks for himself and his loud, noisy, impolite buddies. Boehner immediately complies.

Soon other regulars don’t show up, disgusted with the bullies. The thugs, of course, keep hanging around.

When Boehner’s dad gets back from vacation he finds that the bar is broke, kaput, out of business. What happened?

Boehner says, “Well, Dad, at least we didn’t lose any of our most new customers.”

Thomas Stroud Overland Park Toll of football

From Georgia to New York to California to Shawnee Mission West — an average of 12 high school and college football players die every year — under the lights.

Who knows the actual number of broken arms, cracked ribs, concussions, torn tendons and dislocated shoulders? I hear the coach scream:

“You gotta hit him! You gotta hurt him!”

Arlin Buyert Leawood