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Nobody’s going to accuse KU coach Charlie Weis of pulling verbal punches. At Big 12 football media day, this is how he summed up his recruiting approach: “I said, ‘Have you looked at that pile of crap out there? Have you taken a look at that?’ So if you don’t think you can play here, where do you think you can play?” Would that inspire you if you were in the recruits’ shoes? @schadjoe:

Charlie Weis referred to “pile of crap” on field when addressing recruits. Explains “it’s the truth. Guy plays bad, guy plays bad.”


Charlie Weis on his recruiting pitch: “Have you looked at that pile of crap out there?” Kansas football everyone!


People hammering Weis for “pile of crap” comment, but what many don’t realize is it’s nothing he hasn’t told his team a hundred times before


Concise and accurate


Charlie Weis makes it a habit to call his team a pile of crap. To me it takes blame off himself and puts it on his “crappy” players


Now THERE’S a players’ coach.


Weis’ “pile of crap” comment followed ones about him being too straightforward, and guys either love him or hate him.


Weis cracks up the room when explaining recruiting strategy of “have you seen that pile of crap out there.” Funny but honest. #KUfball


Naw..he really tells the recruits “Blue Wings are Rising”!!!!! hahahahahahahahaha.

Missouri Mashers:

I think he was referring to himself...but I might be wrong


nice personal attack!


Gotta love the honesty!!


Exactly, funny stuff. Hope soon he can use a different pitch to the recruits.


That would be nice!! Something along the lines of an up and coming program!!

Bryan West:

His recruiting pitch is to tell recruits that they suck and they may as well come here because they aren’t good enough to play anywhere else? Wow.

Ronda Johnston Messer:

No wonder he didn’t last at Notre Dame or anywhere else he has been since leaving the Patriots. I so wouldn’t play for him.

André Silva:

He’s out their questioning their manhood to put a chip on their shoulders. It certainly cant hurt to feel like they’ve got something to prove

Gregory W. Lea:

At least he is honest.

Some prominent Kansas Democrats expect their party’s presumed nominee for governor to emerge by Labor Day for an underdog’s challenge to Republican incumbent Sam Brownback. Do you think 2014 could be the party’s year? Jesse Bennett:

What about a third option?

Brandon McDaniel:

LOL....Good luck! We see what the stinkin democrats are doing to this great Country......We don’t need another second of these “progressive liberal” bobble heads !!! Not to mention that this is the worst administration in history...,.absolutely the most awful “president” in history !!!!

Jon Adams:

really? you don’t remember Dubya at all do you? Is EVERY Republican politician some kind of corporate stooge?

Bryan West:

I thought this question was about Brownback, not Obama. Sad that so many in this state are willing to let Brownback burn it down just to spite the President.

Brandon McDaniel:

Hahahaha, the lib left is worthless. You needn’t look any further than Detroit and California to see how ignorant your ideology is. And yes, Obummer is the most worthless “president” in our Nations history. This Country is in a hell of a mess because of Democrats. The last thing Kansas needs is such idiocracy. Enough said. My point is made. I shall bow out of this thread. Good day.

James Badgerow:

I’m not sure what your point was, besides demonstrating your possible illiteracy and spouting off a “clever” nickname for the President.

Brandon McDaniel:

Just like a true Democrat, attacking literacy and talking about President George W. Bush. You airheads never change. True Americans are people who do not vote Democrat.

Richard Koleber:

Underdog? As long as the Democrats will get out and VOTE, brownback will be easy to beat. Gotta vote though. ‘Cause otherwise it is going to be more bad years under Brownback and his clowns.

Ken Viers:

If Kansans have any brains left, it better be.

Jason Stevens:

A tree stump would be a better governor. Glad I live in Missouri!

Bob Buxbaum:

Brownback has done a good job? Now, that IS funny.

Becca Korphage:

Um, no. Governor Sam Brownback has done a wonderful job especially considering the recovery efforts he had to lead after 8 years of Sebelius / Parkinson (D). He’s not perfect, but no politician is. I’m a fan and have been since 1994.


Kansas and Brownback deserve each other.


Under Brownback the Republican legislature, KS created 43,000 new jobs, turned a $500 million deficit into a $500 million surplus and went from the second highest to the second lowest tax state in our region. What do the Democrats have to run on? Obamacare? Good luck with that.


ROFLMAO Please. Turn off FOX.

who cares:

I see you didn’t counter any of statements backed by sources; instead, just attacked him for watching something he may or may not. Classic liberal response


Replying to some of these delusional posts is a waste of bandwidth.


Obama’s re-election GUARANTEES Brownback’s re-election.


You forgot to give him the credit for the 15 years he spent in Washington as Senator of Kansas, and how his policies helped create the worst recession here in the United States since the great depression. Kind of hard to go anywhere but up after the economy hits rock bottom.

who cares

: nothing to say about Obama’s policies as a senator?


Everyone in Washington shares some responsibility for what has happened to this economy.