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Letters — Speeding in Mission

Speeding in Mission

Wow, I heard Steve Kraske’s discussion last month on KCUR with Mission Mayor Laura McConwell. So did she ask for air time to set the record straight on her city’s recent bad press regarding traffic tickets?

As a former resident of Mission, and one who frequents that community, it was difficult listening to her condescending spin on how that city uses law enforcement. McConwell said it’s all justified, moreover it’s what the constituents expect of their police force.

That could be what she’s hearing, but it’s not what I hear. Maybe she should take a poll instead of channeling what she probably picks up at homes association meetings.

Sorry Mayor, I’m not buying it. The city may not have an outright quota system on traffic tickets, but it does have a strong dependency on the money that the tickets produce.

There are only seven key items in Mission’s annual budget, and fines and forfeitures are among them. This is explained as “primarily traffic enforcement,” it is 15 percent of what has been “budgeted to collect in 2013,” and it is the third largest portion of the city’s expected revenue to the general fund.

The safety excuse — saying that accidents once increased when the police eased up, then dropped when the city cracked down again seems to be convenient but lame reasoning. Correlation is not causation. It’s also possible that being more driver-friendly once attracted more visitors, thus more potential for accidents.

Predatory? Absolutely! The citizens and merchants of Mission may have to go there, but others don’t.

Gordon Kauffman Overland Park
Respect U.S. flag

As a 20-plus year veteran, I find it absolutely disgusting how some residents show outright disrespect for the flag. Numerous residents leave their flag out all night.

They don’t even have the required lighting to be able to have it out at night. You can sure tell who has been in the military.

Apparently these residents need to be taught how to respect our flag.

William Hahn
Mission Ode to Brownback

Oh Sam Brownback

Please go away

You and your policies

And your preachy ways

Oh Mr. Brownback

Look what you’ve done

A tired social worker here

And a program with no funds

A mound of more paperwork,

Calls never heard,

The line up at the lobby window

Has left the clerk perturbed

Layers of bureaucracy

No end in sight

One more policy, and it better be right!

Oh Mr. Sam

Get back in the line

You brought the wrong forms

And we don’t have a dime.

What’s that you one returned your call the other day?

Try again tomorrow as we look the other way.

Oh Sam Brownback

Look what you’ve done

One more tired voice giving up

One more fighter turned away.

No more will they ask

No more will they beg

Looks like you got what you wanted

One more voice silenced today!

Theresa Hicks Olathe Herbert column

Danedri Herbert has presented a convincing and airtight case (7-3, 913, “Simply delaying the inevitable”). Signs are useless. All Kansas taxpayers should thank her for saving them wasted tax dollars.

Start with stop signs. Any responsible driver will slow down and maybe even stop to look both ways before proceeding through an intersection.

Ms. Herbert’s car will accelerate, and she will toot her horn loudly.

Those railroad crossing signs are wasteful. You see the tracks don’t you?

Trains run on them. Trains are big. Much bigger than you are. Use some judgment for heaven’s sake.

Why are we bothered with those “School Zone Ahead” signs? Instead warn the kids about the drivers, in the classroom, where they have to pay attention.

Danedri and our Legislature have mapped out a wonderful future for us. Enjoy. But, Watch Your Step.

Ron Platt Overland Park Kansas mulligan

The people of Kansas may be conservative, but they are fair-minded people. I think many are beginning to see what happens when all the moderates were replaced by the ultra-conservative Republicans.

Since the last election Gov. Sam Brownback and the ultra-conservatives that control the Kansas House and Senate have embarked on a huge power grab. Brownback has made it clear from day one that he wanted to replace the judges that have ruled against him in laws he tried to pass.

Now he is giving himself the power to do just that. He gets to pick the nominees and decide who gets the job without any public disclosure.

Gov. Brownback has realized that the previous judges who ruled against the unconstitutional laws he signed need to go and be replaced by those who will go along with whatever he chooses to do. After all, when you control all branches of Kansas government, you can’t be bothered by some judge who actually rules on the constitutionality of a law.

The people of Kansas have a chance to change that in the next election. As I said, Kansans may be conservative, but they are also fair-minded.

Karen Lane Overland Park Stroke foundation

Please help support a local charity that benefits the entire Kansas City area. It’s the American Stroke Foundation in Mission, or

This nonprofit is a wellness center that provides assistance to stroke survivors, of which I am one, aiding recovery of a near-death event. The foundation receives no governmental assistance and depends on private donations only.

Please find it in your heart and your wallet to donate by mailing to 5960 Dearborn St., Shawnee Mission, Kan. 66202, or send contributions electronically by going to the foundation’s website. Your donation not only helps the survivors but their families as well.

Joe Lavender Lenexa