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Letters — Will the Republicans face the same fate of the Democrats?

Political fixes

The Johnson County Democratic Central Committee elected me chairman in 1974. Our divisions ran as deep then as today’s GOP moderate vs. conservative split.

Why? Intermittent resistance to racial, religious, gender or age diversity; faction warlord’s looking down on pro-union members; failure to understand political hopes of rural citizens; and a pervasive belief that success lay in copying Republicans’ agendas. Still we won city, countty and state seats in the 1970s partisan races.

I attempted two strategies — appointment as precinct committee persons willing to label themselves Democrats regardless of faction and frequent newsletter communication with committeepersons on issues. If afflictions I mentioned appear to be prolonging Johnson County Democrats’ second-place status, current leaders will likely search them out and try to cure them.

Republicans have never been more vulnerable.

Norm Ledgin Stanley Voters emerge winners

The Johnson County League of Women Voters is joining other league members around the country to cheer the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision upholding the supremacy of the National Voting Rights Act (1993) over Arizona’s restrictive voter registration law. The league believes the decision will safeguard the voter registration process from political manipulation and help to block attempts in states (like Kansas) to restrict the right to vote.

In its ruling the court also recognized the importance of interstate voter registration drives like those conducted by the League of Women voters. After hearing the decision, National League President Elisabeth MacNamara said, “State restrictions lost; voters won today.”

Roberta Eveslage President League of Women Voters Johnson County Lenexa
Mission speeders

This is in regards to the June 11 article, “Mission: The area’s traffic ticket capital,” about the high number of speeding tickets in the city of Mission. Not only does Mission issue more speeding tickets, according to your article, but also the cars that are pulled over tend to have a Latino or African American driver.

When I see a car pulled over I play a game guessing what race the individual is. I think I am probably right about 80 percent of the time.

Not only should the excessive amount of speeding tickets be investigated, most importantly is who is receiving these tickets. I would find it extremely surprising if the number of tickets given to minorities is the same ratio as the general population in the Mission area.

This needs to be addressed before Mission becomes the city where “driving while Latino or African American” is a reason for the police to pull a car over.

Mary Beth Fisher Fairway Drivers nailed

Thank you for exposing the overly aggressive ticketing of motorists in Mission. (6-11, A1, “Mission: The area’s traffic ticket capital”). However, the Mission’s police chief’s assertion that “this is all about safety” would be easier to believe if not for reports of unwitting drivers getting fined for isolated minor violations such as a license plate bulb being burned out.

Because there are no passenger vehicles that alert the driver to a burned out license plate bulb, it would seem that Mission officials expect you to check it each time you drive to their city. (Even then, that won’t necessarily help you avoid a ticket because a bulb can fail en route).

As a result, I will certainly avoid driving to Mission’s shops and restaurants until Mission’s leaders stop such draconian and avaricious measures.

Steven Go Overland Park Movies as culprit

All of this on gun control? What about the violence in video games and movies? I think they have more affect on crime than guns.

In the 1960s, Paul Newman played Hud and was cool and drank Coors beer, so the young kids, to be cool, smoked and drank Coors.

The Aurora, Colo., killer, with his dyed red hair, was trying to be the Joker in Bat Man. President Barack Obama didn’t put movies or video games in his gun control. I think because the movie stars and the movie industry backed him for president.

Why didn’t the National Rifle Association blame the movies or the video games. Is it because Dirty Harry put a gun to a guy’s head and said, “Go ahead, make my day.”

That sells guns and makes money. Greed is behind it.

The Bible says that greed is the root of all evil.

Tyron Carlson Lenexa Global warming myth

“Global warming is caused by society’s generation of carbon dioxide (CO2).” Not.

Most of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from natural sources, from plants, trees. Only small percentage is from human activities. And that has been produced over a very long period, ever since man started burning wood for fires.

Even if we said that we’ve created much more CO2 since the Industrial Revolution in 1750, then the amount has been increasing gradually over more than 250 years. Why would it have suddenly had an effect on temps over the last 10 years or so?

If the global warming hypothesis is true, wouldn’t we have been noticing slowly increasing temps throughout the more than 250 years since we started producing carbon dioxide? Of course, we would. But we don’t see that at all.

Instead, the history that we have shows temperatures consistently varying from one period to another. That’s completely inconsistent with the concept that human activity has caused something called global warming.

Temps have been increasing over the last 10 years, but it’s because of natural causes that are beyond our power to control, or even fully understand at the moment. It’s nothing to do with increased carbon dioxide.

David Roland Shawnee