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Letters — Taking on MIssion’s plan to revitalize Johnson Drive

Mission ‘vision’

With vacant buildings covering entire blocks of the business district in the city of Mission its so called “governing body” is planning to take property from the remaining businesses through “eminent domain.” It’s to further their “vision” of revitalizing Johnson Drive.

Who is left to revitalize when they steal parking from the current businesses forcing them out of business and already taxing residents to death? The City Council admits there is not enough money in the budget to pay a reasonable price for this space.

Basic rule No. 1: If you can't afford it don't buy it and certainly don't steal it. That seems pretty simple, but Mission Mayor Laura McConwell is determined to increase our debt for the “vision” that she and she alone is cramming down any opposition.

If it doesn't pass the vote, shelve it and try again tomorrow. It is common sense not to spend what you don't have.

Mission was once the richest city in the country. Where is Mission today? When Mayor McConwell she leaves office next April, she will leave us buried in debt in a ghost town.

Pray for us now.

Margaret Lea Mission Travel backwater

A lot of Kansas City area residents love Kansas City International Airport. But not everyone agrees — mainly people who don’t live here but have to fly through Kansas City.

If you are making connections at KCI, you pray that your connecting flight will leave from the same gate area as your arriving flight. Otherwise you have to exit the gate area and go through security again.

Worse, if you have to connect on another airline, you may have to drag yourself and your luggage onto that stupid red bus to get to another terminal. No one wants to fly through KCI, and the airlines know this.

The gate areas are claustrophobic spaces with skimpy amenities — few restaurants and pitifully small restrooms. If you get hungry between flights and want to visit one of the few restaurants, you’ll have to leave the gate area and go through security again to get back to your gate.

With its current setup, airlines will never want to establish hubs at KCI, in spite of its perfect geographical location. This means we will never have a really good selection of direct flights and cheap fares from Kansas City.

We will remain a travel backwater.

Jim Meyer Lenexa Kansas shame

On the gun law, I’m embarrassed to live in Kansas.

Lee Finnegan Prairie Village Clean and green

There are numerous commercials about how best to use our new found natural gas. It includes using gas to replace coal, exporting gas and so on and on.

We have several hundred years of proven coal reserves, and this country even exports coal. Using solar and wind to work in tandem with coal is a workable method to reduce pollution right now, while continuing to find even better ways to burn coal.

Start replacing oil used to make gasoline and diesel with natural gas powered vehicles. Cars, trucks, and trains powered with natural gas will quickly stop oil imports and do far more to clean up the air than any other available method.

Heating and cooling our homes and businesses with electricity produced with coal backed up by solar and wind is something we can do right now.

Tom Spath Lenexa Gosnell abortion case

Almost a decade ago, a former employee of Philadelphia house-of-horrors abortionist Kermit Gosnell presented the Board of Medicine with a complaint that laid out the scope of Gosnell’s operation: the unclean, unsterile conditions; the unlicensed workers; the unsupervised sedation; the underage abortion patients; even over-prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street.

The board investigation consisted primarily of an off-site interview with Gosnell. The investigator never inspected the facility, questioned other employees or reviewed records.

Department attorneys chose to accept this incomplete investigation, and dismissed the complaint as unconfirmed. The complaint and others were ignored and swept under the rug of a Pennsylvania pro-abortion regime, beginning with Gov. Tom Ridge (1995-2001) and continuing with Gov. Ed Rendell (2003-2010), who stopped inspections and maintained that mothers should continue be endangered, abused, infected, butchered and exploited in filthy, unsafe, criminal, racist abortion mills, lest there be a barrier to slaughtering their children.

Now we can see, in the glaring light of revealed truth and abject horror, what happens in an abortion mill that is unregulated and uninspected, and that for the public health to be protected from such a terrible threat, abortion laws and medical regulations and inspections must be enforced and violations promptly punished and corrected.

Phill Kline was right, and District Attorney Steve Howe and Attorney General Derek Schmidt were wrong in their conspiracy to deliberately botch and cover up the criminal case against Planned Parenthood’s late-term Overland Park abortion mill.

Ray Parker Overland Park Failure award

There are lots of awards for slacker behavior such as the Darwin, Ignobel and Razzies. So I would like to propose that one be added to the list.

That would be the Barney Award and the first recipient could be the Johnson County sheriff for that lame raid on a tomato grower (5-8, Editorial, “Faulty drug raid exposes failures by sheriff, state”).

At least we know how to rid the neighborhood of pesky residents. Just put tea in the trash can and tip off the Barneys.

Where's Perry Mason when you need him?

Dave Nash Shawnee