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Letters to editor: Helping the Christmas Bueau

Helping the needy

The mayors of Johnson County’s three largest cities declared April “Collect Coats for a Cause Month” to help the Johnson County Christmas Bureau get ready for next winter when thousands of children will need warm coats and jackets. Our goal was to collect 7,500 new and gently used coats.

Teachers and their students throughout Johnson County responded generously as did patrons of the Olathe Public Library and others who dropped coats in our collection barrels.

Even with that wonderful response, we’re still thousands of coats short of our goal. The need will be there, and the Johnson County Christmas Bureau wants every child who needs a warm coat next winter to have one.

We are a non-denominational, United Way, safety net agency providing holiday assistance to qualified, low-income county residents. Last year we helped nearly 13,000 individuals from 3,461 families at our Holiday Shop.

That’s where coats are distributed along with food and personal care items. Please ask your club or church or neighborhood to launch a coat drive, and then call the Johnson County Christmas Bureau at 913-341-4342 to pick up the items.

Your help will make a real difference in the life of a child and his/her family.

Chris Roberts Coats Co-Chair Johnson County
Christmas Bureau Grandview Grateful graduate

On Saturday , I graduated from MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe. I went back to school as an adult two years ago, uncertain if I would be able to keep up while working full time and raising a family.

I just wanted to take a moment to express how wonderful the faculty and staff at MidAmerica Nazarene University are. They fully live up to the standards one would expect from a Christian institution.

In particular, Dr. Bob Humphrey and Dr. Terry Gunter deserve recognition for the outstanding service they provide to adults who are beginning the sometimes difficult journey of returning to school to better their lives.

Jeff Bell Shawnee Misguided Congress

Members of the U.S. Congress continue to serve the needs of the rich, of corporate America and themselves to the exclusion of the poor, senior citizens and our children. They have also lost the vision of the relationship between free public education and a democratic society.

The recent action taken by Congress to eliminate the reduction of air traffic controllers which was part of sequestration is a prime example of how they serve their own interest and the interest of the rich. What about the people who are hungry and can’t get food stamps?

What about keeping Head Start fully funded and making sure senior citizens have the medical care they need to enjoy retirement? Congressmen, try and remember who you are there to serve.

Donald W. Mocker Overland Park Immigration reform

The Obama administration has prepared comprehensive immigration reform legislation. The proposal will not be viable unless it includes a reasonable pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented workers.

It also must it keep families intact and secure the borders if it is to have a chance of passing. Immigrants should be entitled to a due process hearing when in custody and not be mistreated.

Ascension Hernandez Shawnee Sad Sarah Palin

It was quite a week for Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. First she tweets about the White House Correspondants Dinner, calling it a “nerd prom” and the attendees “ass-clowns.”

She also said, “The rest of America is out there working our asses off....” This is from someone who quit an elected post, lost an election for another post and got fired from what is essentially a tenured position at Fox News — all while raking in millions of dollars in speaking and book royalties.

And just when you thought she couldn’t sink any lower, she gets to speak at the National Rifle Association convention, sounding at times unintelligible, and receiving minimal applause from an audience that would normally give her a standing ovation for reading from a phone book.

So in a very short space of time, she has gone from incompetent to irrelevant to incomprehensible. Ms. Palin could run out the clock on her 15 minutes of fame, but she can’t resist the urge to mine the last ounce of her notoriety, digging her way toward the footnote section of the history books.

Ken Newman Overland Park Obama’s patience

Republicans are once again beating the war drum and attacking the president for not joining the conflict in Syria. I for one appreciate that the president is taking the time to get the facts right before making any decisions concerning Syria.

Even the decision of helping to arm rebel groups needs serious consideration. One of the rebel groups is associated with al-Qaida and another with Islamic extremists.

Even the use of sarin gas is being closely reviewed. Was it really Syrian President Bashar Assad who used the gas against his own people or was it one of the rebel groups making it look as if it were Assad to get support from the U.S.?

Look at what happen when the United States chose to arm Osama bin Laden in the fight against the former Soviet Union. Under President George W. Bush, we rushed into Iraq based on false information about weapons of mass destruction.

We can’t make the same mistake. We are a war weary nation, and getting into yet another war in the Middle East without all the facts is foolish.

I applaud the president for not rushing into anything before he has all of the facts. Take your time, Mr. President.

The lives of our military personnel depend on it.

Karen Lane Overland Park Present begging

Progressives look to the future, which engenders fear and hope.

Conservatives turn to the past, which devolves into regret and nostalgia.

Few in our polarized time of political agendas are concerned with the realities of the present.

John Nelles Shawnee