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Letters —downtown Mission makeover, Brownback v. Holder

Brownback v Holder

This recent dust up between Kansas and the attorney general is interesting (5-3, A1, “Kansas gun law under fire now”). The article in The Star never quotes the U.S. Constitution.

Specifically, Amendment 10 states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

This should be an interesting discussion as it goes on.

Dennis Tabel
Overland Park Brownback’s folly

Doesn’t it seem a bit disingenuous to say you’re trying to save our state money in these hard economic times and then pick a costly legal battle with the federal government? I’m afraid Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is confused when it comes to budgetary matters.

Jesse Hall Lenexa
Herbert column

To accept Danedri Herbert as a political “moderate” (913, May 1), we would, presumably, also have to accept as moderates those “good” Germans who supported “the party” after about 1933 (5-1, 913, “Don’t call me far right ... I’m taking the ‘moderate’ label back”). And I’m sure they all felt that way, too, “We’re the moderate, rational political party — the wave of the future.”

I don’t mean to depict Ms. Herbert as being a fascist. She and the majority of her “moderate” Republican fellows are more interested in taking us back to 19th century robber baron policies.

The Koch brothers, and their ilk, take all. Of course, without a middle class in this country, there soon won’t be much left for them to take.

I’m sure our “moderate” would foam at the mouth if exposed to “nutjob political pundits” on MSNBC, but CNN? Seriously? I’m wondering whether Fox News is sufficiently “moderate” for Herbert.

Ralph Hile Merriam Mission showdown

We own Mission Fresh Fashion, a small business on Johnson Drive. The city of Mission plans to revitalize Johnson Drive with federal money.

The city offered us just $12.85 per square foot to acquire our parking property, and we wouldn’t agree to that figure.

The city would give us no assurances that the parking would remain just that — parking. Nor will city officials commit to putting in any public parking along Johnson Drive.

Because we didn’t sign, Mission officials told us they are going to use eminent domain to acquire our parking.

If we have no parking, we will have no customers. No customers, we lose our small business.

This real estate is our family’s largest asset. With no parking who would want to buy our building?

So much for the small mom and pops in Mission.

Ray and Becky Hanf Mission Doable KCI plan

Why not connect the terminals at Kansas City International Airport with a modern double-track system of light rail that is fully automated?

Spread out the airline gates so that the existing three terminals are more evenly used. Have the light rail connection stop twice at each terminal so that each terminal has a minimum distance for passengers to walk to get to or from their gates.

For the immediate future keep the buses operating between the terminals and the parking lots. Maybe in the future connecting the parking lots by additional light rail that connects with the terminals could be considered.

Even with bags, it is pretty easy to get on or off a ground level light rail car compared to getting on or off a bus.

Tom Spath Lenexa U.S. spending problem

Anybody who’s thought about it for two seconds knows we don’t have a taxing problem — we have a spending problem.

We borrow about 42 cents on every dollar we spend, and under President Barack Obama we’ve been spending more than $1 trillion dollars a year that we don’t have. That’s where the borrowing comes in.

Larry and Cynthia McCallister Overland Park Brownback, abortion

I cannot remember reading a single article regarding Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback that does not include the word “abortion.” Maybe it would not be a bad idea for him to get his focus off of a medical procedure that is none of his business and get busy with helping the great state of Kansas.

Gary Levin Overland Park Reliance on militia

It seems that to the tea party, the National Rifle Association, and the John Wayne patriots, the greatest enemy of the American people is the federal government. In order to alleviate their concerns and fears, it would appear that eliminating the U.S. military might be a good start.

First of all, it would go far in decreasing the debt. Secondly, I am sure that our “well regulated militia” would be willing to march forth against perceived liberal tyranny and to drive the “enemy from our gates” as they did in the 1847 war against Mexico.

Further still, let armed citizens ban together to enforce the laws, swaggering pigeon-toed about the streets, again reducing local and state services, a theme dear to certain governors.

John Nelles Shawnee Good Samaritans

It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you of a good deed done by three young men who took pity on two elderly ladies after the women’s car suddenly stopped running at Roe Boulevard and 62nd Street in Fairway on a Sunday afternoon. The first young man stopped and pushed the disabled car into the cul-de-sac and out of danger.

Two other young men also stopped — each in a different car — and offered to check the engine, using some of their own tools. These young men were strangers to each other and all worked diligently trying to start my car.

After working about 45 minutes and finding that the car would not start, the first young man used his cellphone to call the AAA Co., giving them my name and address and asking for a tow truck to come and remove my car to a repair garage. This young man stayed with me after the other young men left until the tow truck arrived.

The memory of these three young Good Samaritans will be with me for a long time.

Elouise Lyons Fairway