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Kudos for park

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the dedication of I-Lan Park at 126th Street and Nall Avenue in Leawood. This delightful small park is almost always being enjoyed morning or evening and in hot or cold weather by people and families walking, jogging, bicycling or skate boarding along the creek or by families playing baseball, football, disking with their dogs or just enjoying a picnic.

Many thanks to the city of Leawood for maintaining this lovely, well-used park.

Margaret Lynddon Overland Park
Opportunity lost

As Americans, we like to think that we stand for the rights of the poor, the disenfranchised and the innocents of the nation and world. Apparently, the cowards in the U.S. Senate chose the National Rifle Associations threats over the grief that families all over the nation feel after gun violence strikes their lives.

Remember, this was just to extend background checks to gun shows and the Internet. No honest Americans would have lost their guns.

Four Democrats joined the Republicans who are bought and paid for by the NRA. Four Democrats sold out the majority of Americans who favored expanded background checks. We knew the Republicans were bought and paid for by the gun lobby but four Democrats, too?

Those of you Democrats who caved and sold out to the gun lobby please change your party affiliation to the GOP. They will welcome you with plenty of cash.

All it will cost you is your conscience. Senators when you go home, look at your kids and hug them well.

You have allowed the mentally ill to potentially run armed among us. This plan was a way to protect us all — Republicans and Democrats.

John Kovelan Lenexa KanCare problems

Gov. Sam Brownback wants to expand KanCare, started January 2013 for medical issues, to include the long-term care of intellectually and developmentally disabled (I/DD) people who are currently cared for by case managers with experience that cannot be duplicated by newly hired people charged with cost containment.

The Kansas Legislature can vote to permanently carve out long-term care services from KanCare. If for-profit, out-of-state owned, major insurance companies are allowed to take over the decisions regarding care, these vulnerable people will have their lives disrupted.

For intellectually and developmentally disabled people who have significant impairments, changes like those proposed by Brownback will be devastating. The administration has commented that if this change doesn't work, “We'll just go back to the way it was before.”

It is critical to know that “the way it was before” will no longer exist. We will lose our case managers to other jobs.

The cost to recreate the way its working now will be monumental. The model in Kansas currently is cost effective.

The solution is carve out all intellectually and developmentally disabled services from KanCare permanently. To do otherwise is a reckless disregard for what is best for fragile people unable to care for themselves.

Julie Sewell Overland Park Obama’s leadership

The sequester, which was President Barack Obama's idea, is now slowing down air traffic because of the cut back of air traffic personnel. When Ronald Regan was president he fired the controllers because they were unable to reach an agreement on compensation.

To compensate for this, he brought in military controllers. That was leadership.

Obama should have told the Federal Aviation Administration that he wanted regular service regardless of the sequester cuts and to find a way to make it work. Rather, he wants the public to suffer and blame it on the other party as he did with closing the White House to the public.

Leadership requires working with both political parties for the betterment of the country. Isn't something lacking with the Obama leadership?

Bill Hill Leawood Map reading skills

I was watching my Facebook news feed recently. Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times columnist, linked to an official statement from the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Washington, D.C., pointing out that the republic is a country in central Europe, while Chechnya is a territory within the Russian Federation.

I think the only appropriate response is derisive laughter toward those Americans who do not know how to read a map, and therefore do not know the difference. I am grateful that I am a Shawnee Mission School District product, and that this fact does not need to be explained to me.

But shame on the rest of you.

Nathan Roser Leawood Boston Marathon

The president and news media seem confused on how the young Muslims in Boston became so radicalized. Sometimes when you are close to an issue, it is harder to see the truth.

So it is for President Barack Obama and media who seem unable to think outside of their mutually closed box. The radicalization of this young immigrant could have come from two sources.

He could have been indoctrinated into left-wing politics by the public university he attended or into radical Muslim jihad by members of his own faith and family. American universities are so radicalized that we now have bomb makers and cop killers who teach at public universities, some who are friends of the president.

And yet, our president seems unable to understand that our real enemy is a radical and violent organization, which is not the National Rifle Association or the tea party, who are still our best hope.

Charley Morasch Leawood Air traffic tyranny

The shameful use of air traffic controller furloughs to inflict pain on the traveling public is nothing more than another government ploy to extort more money from American taxpayers. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Obama administration will do anything, including holding Americans hostage on airplanes, to get what administration officials want.

We all know the sequester cuts do not warrant this kind of austerity. Let’s hope the voters recognize the tyranny and do something about it.

Ed Geither Overland Park