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Letters: Traffic help in Overland Park, Sam Brownback’s Kansas

Traffic solution

Kudos to the city of Overland Park for installing two additional stop signs at the corner of 79th Street and Santa Fe Drive in downtown Overland Park. What an easy, cost- effective and excellent solution to the problem of “You go, no you go, no you go” that existed at that corner for years.

Thanks, it works great.

Dale Covey

Overland Park

Corporate power

No matter how today's conservatives label themselves, fiscal, social, religious, etc., they have always sided with the wealthy and powerful within a society. For thousands of years, they were represented by the major religion and the extended families of monarchies all wishing to maintain control of the “masses.”

With the advent of “democracy” and the Industrial Revolution, conservatives were forced to entrench themselves behind a power new to nations, the corporations. This can be seen today in the political and religious freedoms given to international and domestic conglomerates, but denied to our citizens.

John Nelles


Religious freedom

I'm declaring my body to be a “sanctuary zone,” thus not bound by laws of my choosing to be named later at my convenience and expedience.

Otto Rieke

Overland Park

Spy agency insight

I was reading a Wall Street Journal article about the lack of diversity in the upper echelons of leadership in the CIA. The agency's director, John Brennan, is quoted as saying that the leadership does “not reflect the diversity of the agency workforce or of the nation.”

There's really nothing new or unusual here. We read about it occurring in all sectors of business and government. But then came this: “Spies with disabilities and LGBT spies...are no better represented in the CIA’s upper leadership, though women are generally faring well.”

Are we now going to be asking and keeping track of what an employee's sexual practices are? It may not be true of a spy, but the sexual orientation of the regular employee is nobody's business but his/her own.

Job performance is the key to promotion, nothing else.

Carolyn K. Patterson

Westwood Hills

Kansas finances

After reading the numerous letters to the editor on Kansas financial conditions and Gov. Sam Brownback over the last year, it seems they are just feeding on each other and not digging for the real facts. Maybe it is the adage that “when you believe something, facts become an inconvenient obstacles.”

If you go to “Ranking the States by Fiscal Condition” report from Mercatus at George Mason University July 2015 you will find that the state of Kansas, which is right in the middle of the continental Untied States, is also ranked 24th or right in the middle of the all states in fiscal condition.

The liberal states of California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois were among the lower bottom group.

Can Kansas do better?

Yes, but at the same time the state is not destitute like we are being led to believe.

Richard Wiens


Brownback as Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy failed miserably in his decision to invade Cuba during the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Not mired by his tenacity of choice, he publicly admitted his mistake and moved on to be one of the most popular statesman of the 20th century.

His message to the nation was, “Victory has many fathers and defeat is an orphan.” Our governor could take a lesson from Kennedy's playbook and rather than continue to make a fool of himself and the state, by his tenacity of choice, relent and admit his mistake.

He should repeal his flawed policies and re-institute the very income taxes that that the state of Kansas voted upon themselves before Gov. Sam Brownback entered office rather than ramming down our throats the failed “trickle-down economics,” policy that has proven disastrous for the entire nation for a generation. Having the courage to admit one’s mistake and going back to the successful status quo before our governor and his pocket legislators, would, as it did with Kennedy, endear him to most Kansas voters, and be a welcome relief to both legislators and the poor who have to bear the burden of this “experiment,” that's gone terribly wrong.

In the words of Nike tennis shoes and Ronald Reagan, "just do it!” Admit your mistake, and “tear down that wall” of intransigence and put us back where we were — happy with our income taxes and the services that we voted for; and, more importantly, a balanced budget that isn't balanced on the backs of those less fortunate, and a state that isn't the laughingstock of the entire nation.

Tom Davis


Obama’s legacy

There are many who think that President Barack Obama “can do no wrong.” Even he would admit to not being infallible.

I am of the opinion he is only concerned today about his legacy and is therefore unwavering in his ideas. For example, he still downplays the importance of the Islamic State while even his chiefs of staff are concerned about the militants’ gains. Obama wants his legacy to read that under his watch there were “no boots on the ground.”

As for illegal immigration and amnesty, Obama refuses to accept the notion that it is a widespread opinion that the borders must be secured first before dealing with illegal immigrants already here. Each of Obama’s actions today appears to be directed at preserving his legacy.

This includes a deal with Iran even though it might be considered by many, including our ally Israel, as a bad deal. In the minds of some, this might be considered heresy. In my mind, it’s an honest approach.

Steve Katz


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