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Letters: Brownback’s Ozand legacy; tax structure hurts poor, helps rich; we love the Royals

Brownback’s Oz

Imagine Dorothy and her friends traveling down that Yellow Brick Road in search of a heart, courage and a brain. Imagine their dismay when they found out that, instead of a benevolent wizard, they suddenly realized that the man behind the curtain was only a governor, pulling all the wrong levers.

And to their dismay, they found out that a heart, courage and brains were nowhere to be found in the Statehouse in Topeka, the Emerald City.

Tom Davis


Making ends meet

It is acknowledged that a child’s early life affects his development and the kind of person he will grow up to be as adults. I ask then, what kind of citizens are we now raising when families are having such a hard time.

Many family members are going hungry, and the “breadwinners” not able to support a decent life. The choice that many have to make is to work at disgustingly low and insufficient wages or steal.

If they steal they go to jail. If they don’t, they go hungry. What choice would you make?

Some will say go to work — but where and at what wage? Our present economic circumstances are creating a place where the rich won’t want to live.

Our tax structure is causing many of our problems, but our legislators are not hearing our voices or making any effort to correct the situation. The country’s externalities are not being included in the payment for services these wealthy individuals use and benefit from.

Hugh J. Taylor

Overland Park

Brownback’s legacy

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback's fable in St. Louis that “everything is fine in Kansas” is a misnomer. Despite our huge budget deficit, which has cut funding to the universities, public school districts and highways, this is just another example of Brownback “cow” towning to the Kansas Republican wealthy.

The Morgan Stanleys and state-supported industrial and agricultural investment institutions are doing just fine, the Koch brothers have millions of dollars to throw at elections, and, yes, governor, your 1 percent who funded your campaign, the wealthiest in Kansas, are doing just fine.

But, you do not have children in the public schools, which have lost critical funding, and you probably do not have to drive on your highways with your state-funded corporate plane at your beck and call. Thanks for all you've done as families relocate out of Kansas to get a decent education for their kids.

Harold M. Noll


Recall effort

As one of the sponsors of the petition for the recall of Scott Hancock from the Board of Education of USD 232, I believe it is time to respond to Mr. Hancock's repeated denials of any wrongdoing. Before we filed the petition (which is a legal document), we made sure that our charges were valid and were validated by people who had witnessed his behavior in open, public meetings or had experienced his harassment and bullying behavior themselves.

Even though we are given 90 days to gather the required 1,000 signatures, the fact that we have obtained more than 1,200 signatures in 14 days indicates that Mr. Hancock's behaviors have been demonstrated in many venues, and the public knows what he is capable of saying and doing to others.

There is no vendetta on our part, only a strong desire to maintain the excellence of USD 232 and to ensure that this unacceptable behavior will no longer be tolerated within our school system.

I am very sorry for the pain and embarrassment suffered by Mr. Hancock's family. However, on numerous occasions, we have asked for and encouraged Mr. Hancock to resign from his position, thus sparing his family the publicity that would surround this recall action.

Unfortunately, he has chosen to keep this in the public eye.

Karen Wall

Retired USD 232

Educator, Patron,



Thug not about race

Thug as a noun. The definition: a violent criminal, a brutal ruffian or assassin.

I don't see any hint to race, creed or color. This definition certainly applies to the criminal actions by the rioters and looters in Baltimore.

And the police involved should not be identified until all of the facts are available. The officer in the Michael Brown shooting last year in Ferguson, Mo., is a good example.

What police department will hire him now that his reputation has been wrongfully destroyed by the news media?

Kevin Kuebler


Kent State deaths

On May 4, 1970 — 45 years ago — Ohio National Guardsmen opened fire on unarmed students at Kent State University, killing four and injuring nine.

Today there are seven states (including Kansas) that allow college students to carry guns openly on campus, and many states are considering allowing concealed carry.

It is interesting to speculate about what the death toll at Kent State University would have been if a lot of students then had been armed.

Janice Grebe

Roeland Park

Royals excitement

After only a few weeks, the 2015 Kansas City Royals are a life-changing experience in our household. As seniors, we have had a set schedule for years of national news, followed by dinner, and a program on TV or reading time.

Now the exciting Royals on TV has taken precedence over our established evening schedule. When there is another program in the same time slot, I have developed a disturbing habit of switching channels, which is annoying to the other member of my family.

Our moods change from elation when the Royals win to dour when they lose. Hopefully this will last through October, and then what? Maybe the Chiefs?

Thank you, Royals, for this life-changing experience.

Steve Katz


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