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Letters: Readers discuss Matt Keenan, the ACA and trapping wildlife

Goodbye Matt Keenan

Sad to realize we will no longer have the authentic, humorous and nostalgic family stories written by Matt Keenan in 913. (Jan. 18, 22, "A journey of 17 years comes full circle")

Being on the last page was like the cherry and whipped cream on top a dessert after wading through appetizers and entrees.

Thank you, Mr Keenan, for touching our hearts and funny bones week after week.

Kathleen Bergman and Dale Jamieson


Affordable Care Act

Both the House and the Senate passed “Repeal and Replace” bills to replace the Affordable Care Act (usually referred to as “Obamacare”).

Supposedly, they will replace items with better versions. There is a lot of room for improvement, but Republicans have historically been against service to the public while providing great care for the rich. We either watch them like hawks or they hang us out to dry.

One way to respond effectively and in timely fashion to efforts to damage people’s health is to sign up for, a service that sends out a high priority action message every day. Daily Action says whom to contact and why, suggests a clear message, and provides the phone number. Please sign up with

Chris Roesel

Roeland Park


So now The Donald and his Republican cohorts will gleefully set about dismantling Obamacare, apparently without any workable replacement at hand, once again leaving millions of Americans to twist in the wind without any healthcare insurance. This lack of compassion for the least fortunate among us is truly astounding. By any measure this is a cruel and heartless act. Shame on those who so willingly support this.

Jerry Ward

Prairie Village

Protect environment

Some in the oil patch might hope for Team Trump to “step on the neck” of environmental groups, but they shouldn’t blame environmental protections for slowing their business. [“Kansas, Missouri oil industry hopes for Trump turnaround”, Jan. 13]

The latest boom and bust in Kansas is nothing new. I recall a Texas bumper sticker from the oil bust of the 80’s: “Please God, give me one more oil boom. This time I promise not to piss it away.”

The fossil fuel industry can no longer expect to make profits at the expense of public health and the future of the planet. Not when renewable sources of energy like wind and solar are far less likely to cause environmental harm, can support many more jobs and can compete economically.

The incoming administration promised to gut our bedrock environmental laws. Congress threatens to defund the regulatory agencies that work on behalf of the public. If they are successful, who then will stick out their necks to protect our air, water and food, and the wild places of our nation? History tells us it won’t be industry.

Elaine Giessel

Chair Kanza Group, Sierra Club

Overland Park

Trapping wildlife

I still can’t believe what I read in the paper this evening (Jan. 17, 5A, “Traps meant for wildlife sometimes snare pets”). We have people trapping animals and killing them as if it were still the 1800’s and they were part of our survival. We don’t live in that kind of society in the United States anymore. Do we? And traps in the park? Where are the park rangers or maintenance people to remove these dangerous items? I’m surprised that this kind of thing goes on.

It’s rare that I see a wild animal anywhere. The last time I saw deer, I hadn’t seen any for over a year. The last skunk I saw was road kill. When can we walk in the park without wondering if we or our pets will step in a trap? What will happen when a child or a person steps into a trap? Think about it.

Amy Rebel

Overland Park