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Social justice warriors need to get over the election and move on

In the immediate aftermath of the election, people took to the streets protesting and carrying signs to let people know that President-elect Trump isn’t their President.

It was Occupy Wall Street all over again—only this time hopefully with fewer sexual assaults and more showers.

Then, nightly news viewers were treated to tales of a nationwide wave of hate acts. A Muslim woman at a university in Louisiana claimed that men in Trump hats ripped her hijab off and stole her wallet. In California, a gay man alleged on Facebook that he was beaten by Trump supporters. A Nazi flag went up in San Francisco and media theorized that it was a Trump supporter who finally felt free to publicize his racist views.

The acts listed above, along with many more widely reported in the days following the election, turned out to be hoaxes, but that hasn’t stopped liberals from pretending that Trump’s win is the result of a racist nation. Now they’ve taken their protests from the streets to their shirts where they proudly display safety pins—the new fashion statement of the social justice warrior.

These people learned absolutely nothing from this election. So, I’m going to spell it out :

Dear Social Justice Warriors,

You can’t go around calling half of America racist and misogynist and expect them to be on your side — especially when the only thing many Trump supporters have done to earn the title is being born white and/or male. And when you do run around denouncing every human as a racist — before demanding a safe space —you make it impossible for good people to actually call racism when we see it, lest we be lumped in with you, safe spacers.

You’re crying wolf.

It’s stupid, and it’s dangerous and damaging. You’re hurting your cause. You’re too daft to recognize it, probably because, if the photos I’ve seen of most safety pin wearers and protestors are an accurate representation, you’re white and young. You’ve never experienced or seen actual racism. You heard about it — probably inaccurately — from a public school textbook.

Americans elected a black president eight years ago. This society isn’t racist, so stop it. Just stop. You know what is racist? All of those protestor signs saying you’ll always stand up for brown people and women and all of the suggestions that people like me, minorities and women need a visual representation of your social justice warrior-ness to feel safe.

Seriously, a bunch of protesters who probably can’t even change a tire are carrying signs and wearing safety pins saying they’ll stand up for me, as if I can’t stand up for myself.

How about this, overwhelmingly white and privileged protesters and safety pin wearers? I don’t want your help, and I don’t need it. I can do this —earn a living and have a good life —without the assistance of a bunch of safe spacers, whining in the streets.

We get it. You don’t like Donald Trump. I’ve been where you’re at twice now, in 2008 and again in 2012. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t go into the public square and start calling half of my countrymen names. I spent a few days in silent mourning, curled in the fetal position on my couch, and then I got up and went to my job.

If you want to help the disadvantaged, start a business and hire some of them.

If you want to help women, volunteer at a battered women’s shelter.

If you want to help brown people, stop treating us like we need your assistance at every turn.

The idea that we need your help, and the idea that you’re providing that assistance by standing on a street corner screaming “racist” at passersby or with a safety pin fashion statement is laughable. You’re making it impossible for good people to know or recognize actual racism or oppression in the rare instances when it does occur.

So stop it. Please, just stop it.

Danedri Herbert writes monthly. Reach her at ON Twitter: @danedri.