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Letters to the editor: Vaccinations, Brownback and LGBT rights

Vaccination concerns

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question. Medically, the answer is a resounding affirmative.

But, can the government require us to vaccinate ourselves and our children? In order to attend public schools our children should be required to be vaccinated.

But, what about our citizens who have religious opposition, like Christian Scientists? The question of compulsory vaccination will soon wind up in the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the meantime, either vaccinate or isolate. Isolate for the greater good.

Steve Katz


Brownback’s order

So let me get this right. Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback rescinded Kathleen Sebelius’ executive order of 2007, that state workers could not be discriminated against, fired or harassed because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

According to the dictionary the definition of sexual orientation is one’s natural preference in sexual partners; predilection for homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality. So, if the person doing the hiring of state workers wants to make a job opening for say, a family member, that official can legally fire a worker based solely on the grounds that the employee is heterosexual (straight), giving that worker no recourse?

Or is that only if the worker is homosexual or bisexual? Or just homosexual?

Brian M. Scott

Overland Park

Infamous Brownback

Arkansas had Orval Faubus, Alabama had George Wallace and Louisiana has David Duke.

Kansas now has helped to add Sam Brownback to the Pantheon of Bigotry (2-11, A1, “LGBT protections revoked”).

Joseph E Hodnik


Shades of gray

As humans, we’re innately provided the ability to know right from wrong, black from white. The fact that our society has regressed to a self-serving state of individual grayness is a frightening cornerstone of the decaying of the America that was founded on truth.

Reading about Gov. Sam Brownback’s rescinding of an 8-year-old order forming a protected class for a special interest group, I see the typical politically polarized responses from supporters of both sides of the situation, while the only meaningful reporting present is the interview with the former judge who stated clearly:

1. There is no federal regulation.

2. It is left up to the state legislation. Black and white. Not, the governor gets to choose.

But we want it to be gray. When we discuss the topic of illegal immigration, we’re similarly moved to treat the symptom instead of the disease. Why not deal with the term “illegal” first?

The problem isn’t legal immigration, though. It’s the people who are breaking the law.

Come on, America. Stop trying to have your cake and eat it, too. Work within the system or change the system.

Stop mixing up your red, white and blue and getting gray.

Mike Springer


Sharing resources

We are learning that robots are now replacing human factory workers at a faster pace. This development will only continue and accelerate.

I have never worked in a factory but I have done other mindless production work so I know how psychologically difficult boring, repetitive work is. Let the robots have it.

Full employment, in the sense we’ve thought of it in the past, will never again be. We are in a post-full employment world.

Difficult as it will be, we will have to find other ways to allocate income, or at least allocate the goods and services we all need to survive and thrive. Obviously, this necessitates the need for a somewhat radical overhaul of the existing global economic order.

We can look at this as a problem or as an opportunity. It’s only frightening if we look at it through the lens of circumstances we have experienced and are familiar with.

We are going to have to do something new or the circumstances we have created will cause us no end of heartache. The regressive, reactionary proposals are not going to work, largely because they are the prescriptions that got us into this predicament.

It’s time to really think outside the box, and I mean really outside of it. We are going to have to learn to share the resources of the world instead of compete and fight over them.

There’s no other way.

Ken Gates

Overland Park

Faith missing in U.S.

After an American was brutally beheaded by Mideast extremists, President Barack Obama took a minute to present himself for a televised photo op. Then he went golfing.

A Jordanian pilot is brutally incinerated by Mideast extremists and the king of Jordan unequivocally expresses the outrage of his citizens and implements the execution of two terrorists already convicted and sentenced to death legally. The Jordanian people take to the streets.

Where is the outrage by the United States’ populace? What is missing in the U.S.?

Where is the leadership that truly measures the sentiment of U.S. citizens and leads responsibly in that direction? Why do U.S. citizens not speak forcefully?

They have no faith in the executive and legislative leaders of the U.S. acting in anything but a self-serving manner.

Marvin Kramer

Overland Park

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