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Eating for life — Tandoori-style steak has something for all

In India, tandoori (pronounced than-DOOR-ee) is a popular style of grilling. The tall, cylindrical oven made of brick or clay is used to cook breads, such as light and puffy naan, as well as meats that cook over flames in excess of 500 degrees.

The Star’s Grilled Tandoori-Style Steak With Summer Lentil Pilaf has something for meat eaters and vegetarians. Meat eaters can enjoy beef marinated in a tangy yogurt sauce, while vegetarians will appreciate the flavorful lentils, another Indian staple that is high in fiber.

Shopping tips:

Because top round is a very lean cut, be sure to purchase USDA Choice (ask the butcher if the cut is not labeled) and avoid overcooking the beef. If your budget will allow, sirloin is more forgiving to work with but will have a slightly higher fat content. If you can buy sirloin on sale, cut the meat to size and freeze the remaining beef.