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Fitness expert wants to kick KC into shape

Nick Bolton, 32, looks at Kansas City and sees a city that needs to be whipped into shape. This firefighter-turned-fitness expert thinks he’s just the person to get the job done.

Earlier this month, Bolton kicked off his Boot Camp for Breast Cancer, a three-week fitness boot camp to get clients into shape before summer ends and to raise money for charity.

All the proceeds of the fund-raiser, which ends Saturday, will go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. Breast cancer awareness is a cause that hits home for Bolton: His mom was diagnosed with the disease as he was entering his sophomore year of college.

Bolton, the owner of Firehouse Fitness, has a goal though that stretches beyond this boot camps. A former two-sport athlete in college, he’s obviously still competitive and wants to establish himself as one of the premier fitness experts in Kansas City.

“You’ll hear certain names in fitness mentioned over and over, and I want my name to be the one mentioned all the time,” Bolton said.

The workout pro is getting his name out there by sharing simple fitness tips to get you into shape this summer.

The small stuff:

“Everything you do in life, you can make the decision of how hard or how easy it is. Bottom line, be active. Park a little bit farther away. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. If you want to spend time doing something, go to the zoo and walk around.”

Two-way street:

“I tell all my clients, ‘I can give you the best workout of your entire life, but if you go out and eat a pizza afterward, the pizza’s going to win.’ So it doesn’t matter how much work we do in the gym if my clients don’t do their part outside of it. And that requires them eating more consciously, being active even when they’re not with me and getting enough rest.”

Why rest:

“That’s going to help your body recover and when you recover it’s going to help those muscles repair and grow. It tightens the body up, tones the body and helps burn more calories.”

Shaking it up:

“Last summer I went to a farm with a friend, and I basically walked around the farm, grabbed different equipment and just did a workout with that equipment. It’s just a matter of being creative with your workouts. Otherwise you’ll get into a routine, and your body will inevitably plateau.”