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They were polite, efficient and patient. Maybe that’s a good mix for political office

I’m no Pollyanna. Some might say I’m the anti-Pollyanna but I do believe in the basic goodness of humans. I also passionately believe that people like to help each other, which is why, much to my children’s chagrin, I have zero compunction asking for help.

The fact that I might throw in a little over-share while doing so is not “beyond embarrassing,” as my daughter calls it, but instead is illuminating to the helper. Basically over-sharing is the glue that builds friendships.

Recently, I’ve had two major instances of helpers restoring my faith in the world. And now I’m thinking that perhaps this dynamic duo should team up and run for higher office.

My first case of “extreme helper” was at the Kansas Highway Patrol VIN inspection in Olathe. I had gotten some misinformation about the title of a car I was trying to sell and was told I needed to get it re-inspected.

Enter Charlotte – VIN inspection goddess extraordinaire. Not only did Charlotte tell me my title was “100 percent correct” but she went deep, like CIA level deep, to find out why someone would tell me my title was wrong. It was a tour de force of investigative work.

While standing back in awe, I was also thinking that this woman needs a superhero movie. Take a step back Wonder Woman and make room for Charlotte the “VIN Master” whose powers include – cutting through red tape and turbo-charged phone skills.

I left the VIN inspection place feeling like I had been in the presence of a force working for the greater good of mankind and vehicle safety. My friends, it was a good day for all of Kansas.

The next adventure in “extreme helper” happened on the phone. Drum roll please as we behold the most patient man in America: Tu Trang.

I have had a phone relationship with Tu since my daughter started college last year. He works in the business office at Chapman University in Orange, California, and sadly for him, due solely to the fact that he’s the contact person for students whose last names start with a K, Tu has been my de facto adviser about all things related to college.

There is no question I can ask that is too dumb or too obvious to ruffle Mr. Trang’s calm demeanor. I knew without a doubt that I had discovered the most chill bipedal mammal on the planet when his response to me not being able to find something on the website he was trying to guide me to 5 minutes (that was staring at me in the face) was a very serene “Don’t worry about Mrs. Kuehl, take your time, I’m sure it’s just your computer screen.”

At this point I just had to laugh mainly to keep from crying over my own stupidity, but at the same time my heart was growing because every time I call this wonderful person he goes out of his way to make me think I’m not an idiot.

This got to me thinking that what America needs is a Charlotte and Tu ticket for president and vice president. It’s got everything – Midwest and West Coast sensibilities and two people who have a track record of getting things done and making you feel better about yourself while they’re doing it.

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