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Pamper Dad without a big spend

Father’s Day is upon us, providing a great opportunity to show love and appreciation to all the fathers in your life. Whether it’s a father, grandfather, uncle or simply a father in your life you adore, it’s a perfect time to show how much you care about him. Here are some ideas for preparing meaningful gifts without spending a lot.

Create batch gifts

If you’re like many families, you may have a lot of fathers you’d like to honor on Father’s Day. I recommend creating batch gifts you can assemble and hand out. Some of my favorite ideas are handmade barbecue and steak rubs, or snack gift baskets with all their favorites. Many stores around town sell handmade men’s soaps, aftershaves, colognes and candles that can be assembled into mini bath kits. A great local store for picking up these kinds of gifts is The General Store in Downtown Overland Park. You can even personalize them with handmade, designed tags signed by your family.

Involve the whole family

Adorable keepsakes made by the kids don’t have to be cheesy. One of my recent favorites I’ve seen online is a piece of natural wood turned into wall art with the kids’ (and dogs) handprints dipped in white paint. Adult coloring books are also all the rage these days, with beautiful pages that are works art themselves. Let the kids pick out and color a page, place them in nice photo frames, and you’ve got a keepsake that can be hung anywhere!

Make it an experience

If you read my blog regularly, you know I truly value experiences over things, which is why they are usually my favorite gifts to give. Create a family experience pack featuring whatever you like to do together. It can be a movie night pack with a Redbox card, popcorn, seasonings and candy. I’ve also seen a picnic pack with a fun sports blanket featuring Dad’s favorite team, savory summer sausage and cheese selections, and a six-pack of root beer. Whatever provides a perfect excuse to spend time together!

This Father’s Day, set aside a little time to prepare memorable and affordable gifts that are sure to be remembered long after they’re given. It will mean the world to all the important dads in your life!

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