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May 19, 2014 5:48 PM

Letters to the Editor: Early releases

Blue Valley schools

As a resident of Johnson County for almost 20 years, I don’t understand why the early releases have steadily increased in the Blue Valley School District. I respect the need for professional education and promote it.

However, as educators are professionals, I believe this should be handled through personal time and not at the sacrifice of the kids’ time in school. Personally, I’ve seen the burden this has placed on many families with working parents having to manage schedules.

The superintendent needs to reach out to families, principals and others in the community before this becomes a weekly event.

Kent Rockwell

Overland Park

Teachable moment

I loved the 913 cover story featuring some of the outstanding teachers we have here in Johnson County 5-14, “The teachers we look up to”). But, seriously, shouldn’t the cover headline of an article centered on education have been written correctly: “The teachers to whom we look up”?

Karen Brack


Keystone Pipeline

Once again the tree huggers are all upset about the Keystone XL Pipeline. Give it up.

This country needs oil. The pipeline system is easily the safest, most inexpensive and most environmentally friendly way of transporting oil.

This project will create much needed, good paying jobs in both Canada and the U.S. Get out of the way, we have a pipeline to build.

Joe Lavender


Benghazi fiasco

The Benghazi disaster should be important to all Americans no matter what any of the cable news or regular news channels say. Why? Because the American military does not abandon its people.

As a Marine officer in Vietnam, I commanded a rifle company. If four of my men had been ambushed in the middle of nowhere, I guarantee all of the others would’ve volunteered to get them out and with no time wasted.

Yet for hours we did nothing for the four men in Libya. In fact, Marines, who guard every embassy in the world, had been pulled out in favor of local Libyan security. Talk about stupid.

Our military waited to hear from the State Department for instructions on what to do. More stupidity. No one in state could give an order except we are not sending help. Everyone seemed to be more concerned over whether the mob/terrorists were really terrorists or simply demonstrators. By then it was too late.

Now there is no one to blame. Nor have there been any terrorists captured, and I, for one, am embarrassed for the United States.

We have an incompetent Congress, State Department and executive office. Benghazi proved that, and we elected them.

Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

William Wood

Overland Park

Inappropriate TV ads

I am troubled by the fact that KCTV5 seems to have no regard as to what type of ads the television station runs during children’s programming. On one recent Saturday, KCTV ran an ad near the end of the Kansas City Zoo Show for Vince and Associates.

The company was looking for recreational drug users who snort crushed pills. Is this the kind of activity children should learn about while watching a kids’ TV show?

I don’t think parents would expect to need to sit down with their little ones while watching a simple zoo program and have to explain recreational or, for that matter, addictive pill snorting.

Channel 5 needs to conscientiously review its policies concerning ad placement.

Linda F. Wilson

Overland Park

Republican switch

We see various attacks on the Koch brothers by the progressives, but in reality it is an attack on the tradition of the GOP. The Republican Party after the Civil War, a righteous anti-slavery and civil rights campaign, grounded itself in a laissez-faire economic worldview that understood economic growth as a noble goal.

The Republicans held that men (especially wealthy men) should be unrestricted in their ambition to work, thrive and accumulate wealth. Their ideal was for each man to work for himself and not be part of a system of working for hire.

The Republican Party was the Union of States Party of the Civil War. They now champion states rights (a Confederacy position), a misunderstanding of working for hire (indentured servitude) and a failure to regard civil rights.

What happened?

John Nelles


License plate readers

Concerning police department use of automated license plate readers, if you are doing something you don’t want to be caught doing then you shouldn’t be doing it. I am not close to being a religious or even a full-time law abiding person. However, if a person who commits a crime against another person can be apprehended because of the use of these automated cameras than let’s get more of them on the street.

If we do not think that the law enforcement people we have can be trusted, then they need to be replaced, not the tools that are available for them.

Gary Levin

Overland Park

Leawood, Hy-Vee

I commend the Leawood City Council for its careful consideration regarding imposing additional tax burdens on citizens. I have shopped at the Leawood Hy-Vee since it opened.

I am sure my support of that store adds up to many thousands of dollars. Surely its profits from my patronage and that of our community is sufficient for the upkeep and updating of the privately owned property. Also, with so many restaurants in the area, I don’t see a need for a supermarket restaurant that serves beer.

Of course, it is always easy to spend other people’s money. Hy-Vee should fund its own improvements as do many other businesses. I hope the City Council will stand its ground.

There are numerous other groceries and pharmacies close by.

Nancy Morgan


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