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Hound mix, ‘Black Panther’ Unleashed Rescue’s pets of the week

Toby Special to The Star


Age: Just over a year
Breed: Hound/Terrier Mix
Gender: Male

Toby is a happy-go-lucky boy whose favorite time is summer. He loves spending time in the yards playing with his big group of doggy friends or dipping his toes in the kiddie pool. Toby is a staff and volunteer favorite who’s come so far from when he first came in. He was trembling and frightened of everything, and is now a smiling super-friendly boy who loves to give kisses and perform his basic commands for treats. It just goes to show what a little TLC and some new friends can do.

Little Prince

Age: 5 years
Breed: Domestic short Hair
Gender: Male

Little Prince is a Black Panther of a domesticated cat. He stands tall, proud and can sneak through the night without a sound, or waking his cat friends. He scales the painted pipes of the cat room like jungle trees and perches high in the ceiling watching for any stray stuffed cat toy that could be his next hunt. Get close to him and he turns soft, cuddles and solicits for pets like any loving cat would, but he just might take up a little more space in your lap.

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