Joco 913

Unleashed Rescue presents cat, dog of the week

Phantom Special to The Star

Wyatt Earp

Breed: American bulldog/terrier mix

Age: 1 1/2-year-old, male

This Wyatt Earp ain’t no sheriff in town, he ain’t no gunslinger, he ain’t really even a fan of the Old West, but one thing Wyatt is? An adorable mix of scruff and personality. He was returned to our shelter due to unfortunate circumstances that were out of his control but is now looking for a forever family again. He’s great with adults and other dogs, just not so much with the shootouts and saloons.

Phantom of the Opera

Breed: Domestic long-hair cat

Age: 1-year-old, male

Sing once again with me a strange duet: the Phantom of the Opera is here! This beautiful young boy dawns a mask unlike anything you’ve ever seen, unless you’re a fan of the Opera. But Phantom is not shy about what makes him unique and shows it off proudly to all his cat friends and human visitors. If you’re looking for that missing half in your life, Phantom of the Opera might be the missing piece in your sonata.

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