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Wayside Waifs offers sweet pup, beautiful rabbit as pets of week



Age: 1

Moana is a beautiful rabbit ready to hop her way into your heart. She’s got gorgeous black fur and adorable eyes. She’s a typical rabbit and loves to eat fresh veggies and hop around. Since bunnies are social animals, she’d love to have a family who will give her playtime and attention.

She’s known to do well with kiddos and would make a great addition to your family.


Age: 4

Breed: Chihuahua

Luna is a sweet pup ready to settle down with her forever family. She’s completely housebroken and behaves well in a home setting. Her foster mom has all sorts of great things to say about her. Luna would likely do well in a home with another dog who could help her gain confidence as she adjusts to a new environment.

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