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Teens contribute to city celebration

Teens contribute to city celebration

Students from the Belton School District were well represented at the Belton Community Days celebration earlier this month.

The district’s Facebook page last week featured incoming junior Sadie Messmer, who is Miss Belton 2017. She was crowned during the celebration.

In addition, the Belton FFA participated in the parade on June 17. Local farmer Ken Dekam pulled the Belton FFA float, while Todd Rosenfelt donated the use of his wagon. The float carried an agriculture theme, of course. Farm animals were there, and students handed out flowers grown in the Belton FFA greenhouse.

New assistant principal hired from Smithville

The Belton School District has chosen Brady Hammond as the new assistant principal/activities director for Belton High School. He comes to the district from Smithville, where he was a physical education teacher and head basketball coach.

He replaces John Schaefer, who is taking a position in the Logan-Rogersville district of Missouri.

Hammond says he hopes “to bring enthusiasm, pride, and sustained success to all our programs in a way that helps students achieve and grow through deeper involvement in their school.”

Special Olympians make mark at state games

Both the boys’ and girls teams’ won gold medals in the 4 x 100 relay race as Special Olympians from Belton Middle School and Belton High competed June 2-4 at the State Summer Games in Springfield.

Hannah Kruse, Kiernan Feisel, Lea Shore and Abi Clayton ran on the Belton girls’ team. Members of the boys’ team were Anthony Clauson, Spencer Ruehling, Bransen Bradley and Paul Brown.

Individual results:

▪ Kiernan Feisel: Gold medals in the 100-meter run and softball throw; silver in the long jump.

▪ Grant Howard: Gold medals in the 50-meter walk and standing long jump; bronze in the softball throw.

▪ Hannah Kruse: Gold medals in the 100- and 200-meter races, as well as the long jump

▪ Spencer Ruehling: Fourth place in the long jump and fifth place in the 100- and 200-meter races.

▪ Anthony Clauson: Gold in the 100-meter race, bronze in the softball throw and fifth place in the long jump.

▪ Abi Clayton: Gold medals in the long jump and tennis ball throw, bronze in the 100-meter race.

▪ Candice Sanders: Gold medal in shot put, bronze in 100-meter race and fourth place in the long jump.

▪ Lea Shore: Silver medals in the long jump and 200-meter race, bronze in the 100-meter event.

▪ Kayden Benson: Gold medals in the 50-meter run; softball throw and standing long jump.

▪ Bransen Bradley: Gold medal in the 400-meter race, and silvers in the long jump and 200-meter event.

▪ Paul Brown: Gold medal in the long jump and silver in the 200-meter race.