Counterfeit cash reported in Harrisonville

A man was caught on a surveillance camera recently at Meiners’ Market of Harrisonville, 504 S. Commercial St., presenting phony money.

When confronted about the bill, he walked out of the store and left in a vehicle.

It was one of four reports taken by Harrisonville police in recent days about fake money being used.

Meiners’ was hit up twice. The QuikTrip on Missouri 291 and the Casey’s General Store on Mechanic Street also were targeted in the last two weeks or so.

All the cases involved $20 bills, said Harrisonville Police Lt. Chris Osterberg. He said Bates County, Mo., authorities have been investigating similar reports.

“Some of the other agencies I’ve talked to said theirs are ranging from $100 bills to a $5,” Osterberg said.

The fake bills are easy to spot, he said.

“They don’t have the same texture or feel as normal U.S. currency,” Osterberg said. “The $20s we have don’t contain any of the security measures – the strips or watermarks – and when you mark them with the counterfeit pen they mark as being fake.”

Police have identified and interviewed several individuals during their investigation, including the man who was caught on camera at Meiners’ Market.

Osterberg reminds business operators to be cautious about accepting large bills. He recommends using a counterfeit pen on paper money.

“That’s their best line,” he said. “My recommendation is anything over a $20 bill – they should check for the security measures.”

Should a store employee receive a fake bill, Osterberg advises, the employee should retain the bill and report the incident to law enforcement immediately.