Letters to the editor

Embargo against Cuba

Cuba should never be allowed back into our circle of friends. Cuba must continue to be isolated.

Cuba is full of criminals and rebels of the most dangerous kind who could sneak into the U.S. Communism still prevails.

And even worse is the potential berthing of Chinese or Russian ships just off our shores like China’s aircraft carrier. No, no, no!

The Castros and their dictatorship must abdicate totally. An absolute democracy must exist before Cuba can be given any consideration to be a friendly nation.

The embargo should stay. Communist Cuba is the only one that will greatly profit, and the U.S. will be the biggest loser if current restrictions are to be removed.

President Barack Obama is being dishonest. Those who have faced danger in Cuba and have braved the dangerous crossing on small boats and rafts to reach freedom in the United States must be honored and protected by keeping in place the more than 50-year-old embargo.

William A. Ingram

Kansas City

Tax cuts hurt kids

Missouri Republicans pushed for a tax cut bill that will reduce revenues for state government while important programs are, and will go, underfunded or unfunded. The Missouri school funding formula has not been fully funded since 2000, the year before the first recession under then-President George W. Bush.

Republicans in the Missouri legislature at that time made a big show of calling for full funding even though state revenues were suffering from the Bush recession. Republicans have had control of the state legislature since 2002 and have done nothing to restore the formula while giving tax credits and cuts to businesses.

The Republicans in the state legislatures of Kansas and Missouri have refused to accept Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act. The states would pay nothing until 2020 when they would be expected to pick up 10 percent of the total cost.

Hundreds of thousands of low-income Missourians and Kansans will continue to be without health care coverage. They will suffer from illnesses and die because Republican politicians are too stingy to accept free Medicaid because it will cost something after 2020.

The GOP ogres put tax cuts and credits ahead of children and ailing low-income families and individuals.

Gene W. DeVaux


Better Congress

I have seen several news articles that have defined the new Congress by head count. So many of this gender; so many of this ethnic background and comparing it to the overall population of the United States.

The implication is if the head count is the same percentage as the population, all will be better. There’s not been one word about competence or integrity. The members of Congress should be elected based on ability, experience and honesty.

Just because the percentage of different people in Congress is the same ratio as the overall population does not lead to leadership, wisdom or ethics. The 435 House members and 100 senators should focus on the nation and not some gender or ethnic group.

Their leadership should be for the betterment of the nation as a whole.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

Women in medicine

In my day, women in medicine were a rarity. There were four females in my medical class of 110.

Today female medical students are 50 percent or more of the class. That is quite a change over the last 50 years.

What is the difference? Certainly it is multi-factorial, but I believe our changing societal norms and expectations have a lot to do with it.

If we were to test women and men, I suspect that we would find about the same percentage of each group mathematically inclined. (Someone must have hard data on this.)

Then why not more females in technology/engineering fields? Time and societal shifts will probably correct this imbalance.

David Zoller

Kansas City

Republican future

The “riders” added to the congressional spending budget are an indication of what can be expected of the pending Republican Congress: elation and hope for the wealthy and business; dejection and fear for those of us who care about everything else.

John Nelles