Lone Jack schools aim to fix leaky roofs, outmoded cooling systems

Dealing with leaky roofs and outdated air-conditioning systems, Lone Jack school Superintendent Bryan Prewitt knows that these issues are a high priority.

For Lone Jack, it’s about making sure the district can maintain well-functioning schools by keeping up its infrastructure.

“We have some basic facilities needs that we need to take care of that just can’t be handled through the typical budget,” Prewitt said.

On Nov. 4, voters will decide whether the district can borrow nearly $2.7 million to complete roof repairs, heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements. The measure, which requires a four-sevenths majority to pass, would not increase taxes.

The money also would help with security and technology upgrades.

“We need to take care of these issues now, because we are two or three years from needing to add space,” Prewitt said.

Prewitt believes the upgrades will help the district with spending in the long term.

“Part of this issue is that we’ll be able to use our resources in a better way, and we’ll spend less on utilities afterwards,” Prewitt said.

According to Prewitt, there’s no organized opposition.

“Our community has always been supportive of the schools,” he said.