Courthouse clock repairs set to begin Monday

Repairs on the Cass County Courthouse clock are set to begin Monday.
Repairs on the Cass County Courthouse clock are set to begin Monday. Special to The Star

Clock restorer Chuck Roeser, with Essence of Time in New York state, is expected to come to Harrisonville next week to remove the clock from the Cass County Courthouse.

The clock has been broken for at least 10 years, and it’s Roeser’s plan to make it work again.

“We are very excited about the tower clock restoration project at the Cass County Historic Courthouse, and are looking forward to having the clock up and running again,” Presiding Commissioner Jeff Cox said.

The repairs might not have happened without Peculiar resident Larry Boucher, a clock enthusiast and second vice president of the Cass County Historical Society board. In 2013, he began urging county leaders to consider restoring the timepiece.

The county has received a state historic preservation grant, which will cover 70 percent of the $106,450 cost. Cass County taxpayers will pick up the rest.

Roeser plans to start work Monday by removing the clock from the courthouse.

Boucher said Roeser will remove the dials and hands, along with the motion works from inside the courthouse.

Once removed, the dials will be taken to Dimensional Innovation in Overland Park, where they will be assessed to determine if they can be restored or if they’ll need to be remade.

The motion works will be loaded into a truck and hauled back to New York in pieces, where Roeser will clean and examine the piececs and make the clock work again, Boucher said.

“I think the courthouse in Cass County needs to be our crown jewel that we’re proud of,” Boucher said. “We need to keep it alive and working.”

The project is expected to be completed in July.