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Letters to the editor

Merry Christmas!

Once again we come to the politically correct season instead of the Christmas season. The media and the left use their same old argument that Merry Christmas is offensive to some people.


I have atheist friends who say they are pleased to hear it. I, as a Christian, do not consider an Allah Be With You, or a Happy Hanukkah offensive and I do appreciate the thought behind it.

Nobody should be offended by somebody wishing them well.

Fred Crosby Belton Costs of uninsured

Have food processors sell unsafe food; end building codes; remove minimum standards for airplanes, bridges and nuclear power plants; drop specifications for everything the military buys and for children’s toys, and let automobile insurance companies sell policies that don't cover minimum limits. Caveat emptor.

There’s nothing I like better than contributing to the billions of dollars in health care costs that responsible folks are saddled with because other folks are uninsured.

Earl Brigham Sugar Creek Per capita homicides

I keep seeing people who say that Chicago has the worst record of homicides because of its restrictive gun laws. This is one of those half truths.

Chicago has the most homicides per city, but if you look at the rate of homicides per 100,000 population, Chicago is not even close to the worst.

New Orleans, La.; Richmond, Va.; Birmingham, Ala.; Memphis, Tenn.; Miami; and many others have per capita homicides higher than Chicago. It seems to me that the other cities must pass gun laws to get down to the per capita homicide of Chicago.

Thomas Galbreath Independence