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Trolley Trail peace

Kansas City should not run a streetcar line alongside the Trolley Trail. The trail has added so much to living in the Brookside neighborhood: a peaceful place to relax while you walk with your family, friends and dogs, or to go for a run.

What does a streetcar do that city buses don't already do? I read that one of the people spearheading this disaster said “the trolley trail stays” — as if the trail and streetcars can peacefully co-exist within feet of each other. They can't.

What makes the Trolley Trail great is that you can walk places on it without high-speed traffic at your elbows. Parents can walk their small children or ride bikes with them without worrying about them getting hit by cars.

Large moving vehicles are dangerous. Large moving vehicles are noisy.

The people who have houses on Brookside that back up to the trail probably didn’t buy them thinking that their houses would have trolleys running past their backyard while Brookside traffic whizzes by in front of their houses.

Susan Elliott Kansas City Keep KCI as is

I strongly feel that the changes proposed for Kansas City International Airport will do more harm than good. As a daughter of a woman who has timed it perfectly to arrive at the airport with only 30 minutes until her flight takes off and she still makes it, I am sure that this will no longer be possible if one terminal replaces the current three.

Also I have been to many airports around the country throughout my life and I can assure you that the time it takes to get through the airport between flights and to get through security takes more than double the time it takes at KCI. The only plus I see from these changes is if you have a flight with multiple legs from different airlines.

In most cases I don't think the proposed changes are the way to go. I really don't see the pro outweighing the cons.

Lauren Simoneau Liberty Obamacare fix

Apparently a lot of American citizens do want health insurance coverage through the new insurance exchanges. The heavy traffic on the healthcare.gov website proves a very high level of interest.

So until the website can handle that volume, how about those of us born in an odd year only access the system on odd numbered dates and vice versa. Maybe the website would work much better if every uninsured person doesn't try to log on at the same time.

Karen Montalto Blue Springs Common sense, nursing

How difficult is it for Jackson County government workers to hustle up a jury in a fairly prosperous and well-populated area without beating on nursing mothers to accomplish this (10-25, A1, “Breastfeeding LS woman off the hook for now”)?

In my experience, jury duty is a time-consuming and sometimes lengthy process for which a nursing mother is totally out of the loop to perform. When two nursing women were unable to do it when called, they were taken to court, where an unsympathetic judge dropped a large fine on them.

The state legislature will now be required to change the law to prevent this in the future when the use of a little common sense by government personnel and the legal system would have prevented the entire fiasco.

William H. Finnegan Independence