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Starfish Ministry inspires

Americans are a giving lot. We rank as the world's best in individual giving to church, charity, research and myriad personal causes. (Some would argue regulated, mandated giving, too.)

The Oct. 16 cover feature in 816, “Starfish: A stronger support system,” paints a beautiful picture of giving at the street level, that’s more than money. The ministry helps people help themselves, and the generations following them.

Susan Vogliardo and her Starfish Ministry team have put the action in help with hands-on educational support, community networking, mentoring and the development of positive daily living habits that assist in a meaningful, productive way.

They have figured out how they can make a real difference in people's lives through their entrepreneurial efforts and their individual desires to help people help themselves. I think they “get it.”

We can all do something like the Starfish team. And we can start anytime.

Richard F. Thomas Jr. Kansas City Misplaced priorities

“Country first and party second,” seems to be a far too challenging ideal for most politicians to live up to. Unfortunately, many of them have chosen to follow the extreme opposite:

“Me first, party second, and country third.” What else can explain the debacle that keeps repeating itself in Washington, D.C.?

Kenneth Lee Raytown Change U.S. laws

Using the health and welfare of the people of the United States as leverage to promote the agenda of a small group is immoral and unethical and is destroying this country. To prevent this in the future, we need to change legislation.

We need to repeal the debt ceiling law and we need to amend the process by which our budget is approved to allow continuation of the budget except as specifically amended by both branches of Congress and signed by the President.

Judith Dillon Lee's Summit Disturbing Alzheimer’s

When hearing that there are about 5 million Alzheimer’s patients in our country and the number will increase and knowing that my wife is part of that number, my mind becomes centered on Alzheimer’s disease.

We realize that change is part of life. There are so many things in life that change.

We recognize that a major change happens when Alzheimer’s disease comes into a life. I have noticed the deterioration of the mind with my wife, Twila.

Twila remembers some of her ancestry, but most of her friends and loved ones are lost. Past travels and adventures are not remembered, and even in her bed-room she is lost.

Not knowing the use of a knife, fork and spoon can be difficult and result in shouting or hitting or pushing, which can be a sudden and unpleasant behavior.

I’m with my wife during morning and afternoon hours, and her smiles or her squeezing my hand or her kissing my hand show approval of how I try to express love and caring. Some days I notice that Twila is very restless.

A nurse informed me that a weather change was in the offing, and many of the patients will also be restless.

Doug Sutherland Raymore