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Klamm Road project revised

A Kansas City landowner who contested the relocation of North Klamm Road compelled Parkville aldermen to approve a slightly revised road relocation plan. The aldermen reviewed plans to retain ownership of a 400-square-foot wedge of street connecting the existing road to its new path in Kansas City.

They approved the revised proposal during their April 5 meeting.

North Klamm Road marks the border between Parkville and Kansas City, and shares some land with the two cities. A section will be moved into Kansas City, closer to the site of a future 291-unit apartment complex on a 32-acre area of land at the southeast corner of Route 45 and North Klamm Road.

North Klamm Road is perpendicular to Route 45, hugging the Riss Lake subdivision in Parkville. The road will be shifted to the east. The vacated right-of-way will be deeded to property owners at the Riss Lake subdivision.

Initial plans to move the road ran in to a roadblock when the developers were unable to acquire necessary right-of-way and a temporary construction easement from the owner of 6638 N. Klamm Road in Kansas City. The land was required to build a curve, tying it into the new section of North Klamm Road in Kansas City. The abstention means the curve will be pushed north.

The proposal to relocate North Klamm Road originally appeared before the aldermen in March 2015. The 291-unit complex, the Preserve Apartment Homes, is currently under construction.

The revised plan approved has no expected budgetary impacts on the city.

In other Council news

The aldermen learned the Parkville farmers market will participate in the Beans & Greens program, an initiative from Cultivate Kansas City allowing local produce vendors to accept supplemental nutrition assistance program — or SNAP — funds.

The aldermen reviewed plans to place Park University banners along Route 9 as part of the city’s broader efforts to visually enhance the roadway.