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Letters to the editor

Corruption sentence

Former Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was sentenced to jail for corruption (1-7, A2, “Ex-governor sentenced”). Were his crimes any different than the way the Missouri legislature operates on a day-to-day basis?

I think not. A mass “perp walk” out of the hallowed halls in Jefferson City would be a sight to behold.

It's inevitable.

Paul Comerford

Blue Springs

Northland YMCA

The North Kansas City Community Center becomes a YMCA (11-29, A6, “YMCA set to take over North KC center Jan. 1”). And wait until folks start using the combined facility.

The pools at the YMCA were great for lap swims, lessons and general recreation during our hot summers.

The pool area at the North Kansas City Community Center is inadequate for any of these activities. Yes, the North Kansas City location has 96,000 square feet, but a huge chunk of that is a basketball court.

What will happen to the old YMCA facility on Vivion Road? Will it be torn down or just be allowed to rot away?

How about the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department taking it over to replace the tiny 1960s-era Kansas City North Community Center?

This would be the first time our families and children would have access to a swimming pool in this part of Kansas City, North. I am hoping they make a decision that will benefit the folks in our area.

Jill DauBresse

Kansas City, North

Protect and serve

Speaking as one who has experienced firsthand police harassment, intimidation and humiliation, I feel that the current rush to paint all of us and our sympathizers as anti-police is totally unfair. Many black police officers have reported being harassed and intimidated by white officers when they are off duty and out of uniform.

So there is obviously no question that the problem does, in fact, exist. Instead of making us, the victims and sympathizers like New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, out to be villains for merely bringing to light that there is a bad element inside police departments, we need to focus on cleaning up the justice system.

Let’s face facts. When New York cops literally kill a man in broad daylight, in front of hundreds of witnesses, there must be accountability.

No occupation is 100 percent free of bad employees, and law enforcement is no exception. The sooner those who so quickly defend cops who ignore their oath to “protect and serve”' recognize this, the better off we will all be.

Eddie L. Clay


Diocesan disputes

Forthright communication from members of the diocesan office might well go a long way toward helping assuage anxiety on the part of the prospective Archbishop O’Hara/St. Michael the Archangel students and their families (12-31, 816, “Lee's Summit approves plan to develop site for St. Michael the Archangel High School”).

I realize there are zoning issues and traffic safety issues that preclude the opening of the new school, but I believe firmly the main reason for the school not opening is a lack of funds. I think it is a vicious cycle. People are hesitant to donate to the fund because:

They have heard that the pope is looking into the bishop’s ability to lead.

They have heard of broken promises and $1.1 million lawsuits regarding mishandling of sexual abuse cases.

They have heard of the grief of the St. Mary’s families when that school was closed.

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig. If you do not have the money to open the school, admit it, and then come up with plans as to where to go from there.

Jan Miscannon

Lee’s Summit