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Letters: Tax cuts’ false promise; CIA torture report; Republican mandate

Tax cuts’ false promise

One political party preaches less government and to cut spending by cutting waste — such as the state road patrol can be used to make the state water patrol appear bigger than it really is. There’s no money for training, also to “save” money.

When the illusion fails, blame the state highway patrol administration. Supervisors’ and even officers’ only choice is to work when and where they are assigned, and be sure the public forgets the politicians’ claim that more can always be done with less.

Lloyd Cline

Kansas City

CIA torture report

The torture of “detainees” cannot be blamed entirely on the CIA and Dick Cheney, the former vice-president (12-10, A1, “Brutal tactics detailed”). By carelessly accepting such obvious euphemisms as “enhanced interrogation” and “waterboarding,” the media were shamefully complicit.

Donald Hoffmann

Kansas City

Republican mandate

Could the quid pro quo be any more blatant? Still aglow with their midterm election victories, Republicans’ first order of business is to try to return us to the pre-Great Recession status quo and enable banks to gamble for massive profits while putting American citizens on the hook for the inherent risk.

Then, while they work to enable the banker/investor class to grow its criminally disproportionate share of wealth, the Republicans want to enable that same class to donate more campaign money. In short, the Republican economic plan is to help the rich get richer so the rich can make Republican campaign coffers richer.

Is this really the mandate that Republican voters asked for? It takes a strong-willed liberal to bite his tongue and resist, saying, “I told you so.”

Cody Riedy

Kansas City

Caring for yourself

A personal greeting recently caught my attention — “Take care of yourself.” Immediately there flashed in my mind the question: How am I caring for myself?”

And then I thought, this is a need for all of us to consider. And don’t we have a responsibility of taking care of our bodies?

My first thought, give careful attention to your diet. Recognize the tremendous importance of good and regular exercise and find time each day for adequate rest. I would add to this finding a hobby that excites and relaxes you and that you enjoy.

I am 94 years old, and you can bet I’m watching most every minute my thoughts and actions. I have a regular practice of weighing myself each morning and I give special care to what I eat throughout the day.

I do a lot of walking — twice a day going to be with my precious wife, Twila, an Alzheimer’s disease patient. Walking back and forth each day puts on miles.

Immediately after my noon meal, I’m stretched out in my comfortable chair for a nap. Throughout my life I have had the “hobby” of trying to help others, and many letters have been mailed.

Special joy comes with good health.

Doug Sutherland