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Letters to the editor

Billy Butler at bat

The Royals fans should re-name Billy Butler “the big breeze” because he fans so much.

Richard W. Dahms Country Club, Mo. Waiting for call back

Only 500 light years away, the astronomers have recently discovered an earth-like planet, which exists in the “Goldilocks zone,” where it is not too hot and not too cold for life. With any luck, it’s loaded with folks like us, just waiting for our call (4-18, A9, “Astronomers spot most Earth-like distant planet yet”).

Of course radio and light waves travel at the same speed, so our outgoing inquiry might be, “Anybody out there?”

Five hundred years from now the “other folks” pick up, and l,000 years from now we hear, “Yo, Kilroy here.”

Fred White Gladstone
Stand up to NRA

Now that a few weeks have gone by and the vigils and funerals have been held and tears have been shed (and will continue to be shed), it's time to study the tragedies that have occurred in this community recently.

A young man was killed in the middle of the street on the near East Side of Kansas City. Several people were injured and the city terrorized on the highways in the southern part of the Kansas City area.

A grandfather, his grandson at the Jewish Community Center and a woman visiting an elder at Village Shalom senior living center were the innocent victims of a bigoted racist. A young father was killed, his son was seriously injured and a young boy was emotionally scarred for life at a gas station at 45th Street and Cleveland Avenue.

The victims weren’t doing anything wrong. They were not threatening their murderers. They were just living their lives.

What is the common thread that runs through all these tragic, senseless events? Guns and the easy access to guns. All of the people murdered or injured, and the rest of us in the metropolitan area, were victims of gun violence.

My brothers and sisters, it is well past time to do what we can to remove these weapons of mass murder from our community. We must not allow those who benefit financially from the sale of these weapons from convincing us otherwise.

We must hold our legislators, whether liberal or conservative, accountable for their lack of courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association and the manufacturers of death. Are we willing to do it?

Are we courageous enough? What will it take, my friends?

Kevin Fewell Kansas City Impeachment aim off mark

Impeach Gov. Jay Nixon? I don't think so. Let's take a good look at who really needs to be impeached and why.

Let's start with Republicans who enact legislation that cuts aid to needy families, effectively taking food from the mouths of hungry babies, or laws that deny affordable health care to the poor and middle class while giving huge tax breaks to the rich.

It's Republican lawmakers who introduced legislation that allows practically anyone to carry a gun. Couple that with GOP generated laws like Stand Your Ground, which give these “cowboy wannabes” carte blanche to kill innocent young black men like Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, and it's easy to see where the real blame lies.

Impeach those on the right who level hateful, mean-spirited and racist behavior at our president and his family and impeach those who encourage that racism by coming to the defense of those responsible simply because they are fellow Republicans.

If anyone needs to be impeached, it is Republican lawmakers.

Eddie L. Clay Grandview