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Obamacare failures

We are all aware that our president is a successful campaigner. But what he lacks is the ability to lead and govern. That is what he was elected to do. We have a rogue president who feels he is above the law and the Constitution. He thinks his rhetoric along with blind liberal allegiance from the left will always save the day.

The Affordable Care Act is doomed to fail, not because of any website failure, but because of the truths within the act that will be revealed to Americans as more and more of the underbelly of the law is unraveled.

The president’s rhetoric blaming insurance companies and the Republicans for the problems of a law enacted without any bipartisan support and shoved down our throats is not going to wash. Maybe, in the end, he can blame it on former President George W. Bush. That seems to have worked for President Barack Obama in the past.

Yes, there were alternative solutions offered to better our health care system, but Obama would have nothing to do with discussing any of them.

Scot Ewing Blue Springs Mass transit needs

I am writing as a result of research that I’ve conducted for my graduate school project assignment. I’ve noticed a major need in the Belton community that may also reflect similar needs of surrounding areas in northern Cass County — a lack of public transportation.

The city of Belton website shows unemployment rates of 4 percent in the Cass County area. This equates to about 3,284 individuals searching for work in Belton and 1,377 residents in Cass County also seeking employment. I’ve learned that 13.7 percent of Belton‘s residents live at or below poverty level.

The closest bus transit system to Belton is about eight miles north of the town at U.S. 71 and Red Bridge Road, according to the routing information from the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority. If a collaborative route were added to the Belton area, individuals who are seeking employment will have a better chance at finding work in areas outside our growing community.

As we move into 2014, I encourage local government to plan on extending public transportation to growing communities such as Belton and beyond.

David T. Chrisman Belton Mandela, change

Nelson Mandela’s death this month revived my memories of apartheid South Africa. I was an American professor on a Fulbright grant teaching African history in an African university during the years Mandela was in prison.

At the time all of us at the university were convinced that it was inevitable that South Africa would go through a horrible blood bath before the apartheid white government would surrender its racist political power. Then came the miracle.

Mandela, a prisoner finally freed, incarnated both forgiveness and reconciliation in the pursuit of social and political justice. The result? The vote offered to blacks by President P.W. Botha and the peaceful transition to majority rule. Truly a political miracle.

Only Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King stand in the same hallowed circle with Mandela as examples of transforming a nation by nonviolence and force of character over reliance on gun violence to bring about transformational social change.

Harold J. Schultz Kansas City Light of Christmas

I am a person who celebrates Christmas, Dec. 25, as the “day of the undying sun.” It saddens me that this month is cause for so much stress over one day that I treasure to spend with family.

Maybe it’s a lack of vitamin D in my body, the impending bitter weather, the piles of work on my desk or the static cling of my clothes, but I struggle each year to find peace amid the greed and materialistic propaganda around me. Most of us hang on until Dec. 25 just to see the look of delight on the faces of family and friends at their gifts, and then we breathe a sigh of relief.

We got through another year, wading through the onslaught of commercials, Black Friday mania and the ever-dominating political correctness of our society. Good luck, everyone.

Be sure to use your turn signals in the mall parking lot. Don’t take up two spaces, and don’t freak out if I ask for a Christmas star off the store shelf.

That’s what I'm celebrating this year. It doesn’t mean that your beliefs are being dismissed or misrepresented. Just give me one day.

Megan Travelstead Riverside