816 North Opinion

The Northland is full of colorful stories

If you’ve lived here long enough or talk to someone who has, you know we’re surrounded by colorful history in the Northland.

Martha Zirschky can spin stories about the area’s past with the best of them. Get her together with the son of one of our most colorful characters, and you end up with a fun story indeed. That’s what we did to bring you an article about the 65th anniversary of Riverside Red X in this week’s 816 North.

Over the county line in Liberty, Carolyn Country Cousins pumpkin patch is crawling with folks picking the perfect medium for their jack-o’-lanterns. When the season ends, organizers hope 1,000 volunteers will turn out to harvest leftover squash for the hungry. It’s part of the gleaning movement that Roxie Hammill spends time with for this week’s cover story.

Where else would you like to see us turn our attention? Send me a note at respinoza@kcstar.com if you know of another good story to tell.