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Trump too willing to give Russia access to our data

Privacy for sale

Congress approved a scheme to permit internet operators to get into our personal data and without telling us, sell personal information to anyone they want. Now, President Donald Trump has signed it.

Framers of our U. S. Constitution clearly intended us to be protected against such invasion in the Fourth Amendment by guaranteeing us “to be secure in (our) persons, houses, papers, and effects.”

What is most ominous about this action is that the Trump Administration has been all too willing to give Russia access to sensitive U.S. data. Now, it has become evident that Trump wants to make it possible for the Russians to gain access to our personal finances, and our personal business, also.

David R. Peironnet


No adults

There are two 11-year-olds at the helms of two nuclear powers, North Korea and the U.S. Both are desperate for a win. I believe that either will do anything to accomplish that end.

“Believe me” — these are desperate times.

Gary W. Brown

Platte City

Who’s in charge?

The Kansas City Water Department is about to settle a second half-million-dollar lawsuit in the past 60 days, with another suit pending. (March 3, 7A, “Kansas City settles water employee's lawsuit for $500,000”)

If only we could get this department under city control ... oh wait, they ARE under city control ... nevermind.

Edward Coleman

Kansas City