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Gorsuch, Trump keep readers alert

A pattern?

Remember when President Jimmy Carter was running against Ronald Reagan for President? Carter kept reminding us, at least once a week, that he would not use Reagan’s age as a campaign issue.

President Donald Trump is now repeatedly telling us that he does not blame House Speaker Paul Ryan for the failure of the American Health Care Act.

Jim Kilen

Kansas City

Neil Gorsuch

We’ve learned in time for the upcoming Supreme Court confirmation hearings that Neil Gorsuch’s record doesn’t demonstrate respect for our constitutional values of liberty, equality, and justice for all, nor has he shown respect for the belief that the Constitution protects all of us, not just the wealthy and the powerful.

His troubling record of hostility to women’s reproductive rights and to issues of discrimination and police brutality raises very significant concerns about his ability to be open-minded, fair, and guided by the Constitution and the law instead of his own political agenda. It’s also of great concern that he was hand-picked by the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, right-wing organizations funded by oil billionaires Charles and David Koch.

Judge Gorsuch’s narrow ideological view of workplace discrimination laws is dangerous for Missourians. He ruled that a woman lawyer who was fired after she took other employees’ discrimination claims to the boss was not protected against retaliation under anti-discrimination laws. And he argued that a woman UPS driver should not be allowed to prove that she had faced sex discrimination.

In other words, the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch would just be proof that working people don’t matter to this Congress.

Robert N. Minor, PhD

Co-Chair KC Workers’

Rights Board

Missouri Jobs with Justice

Kansas City

Neil Gorsuch is a well-educated, smooth and pleasant talking, ABA recommended, conservative jurist who claims the “originalist” philosophy of his mentor Antonin Scalia

That aside, this jurist has no business sitting on the Supreme Court. We do not need another judicial extremist who interprets the law based on the simplified notion of divining what the Framer exactly meant in 1787. Pulitzer Prize winning historian Joseph Ellis describes the “originalist” philosophy of Scalia as an “elegant example of legalistic legerdemain masquerading as erudition.”

Adherence to this magisterial philosophy results in a consistent pattern of judicial rulings which favor the billionaire/big corporation/ultra-conservative Christian theology, resulting in the corporate establishment winning over democracy and the people, the “market” over consumers and the wealthy and the powerful triumphant over working people.

Conservative advocacy groups are spending millions of dollars to promote this justice. Seated on the Supreme Court he will repay great dividends to these powerful monied interests. We do not need another thirty years of Scalia and this nonsense posing as judicial restraint..

Martin Kerr


Two-state solution

Last month, President Donald Trump made headlines when he deviated from the long-standing U.S. foreign policy which advocates the two-state solution as the remedy to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Although his words were met with strong criticism, President Trump is correct in not blindly supporting the two-state solution without considering alternatives.

The two-state solution would spur violent conflict, not solve it. Several experts believe that Hamas, a potent terror organization whose own charter advocates the destruction of Israel and the Jews, would come to political power if Israel were to withdraw the IDF from the West Bank, a virtually inevitable ramification of a two-state solution. This would give Hamas a position more useful in fulfilling their terrible goals than the power they hold currently in the Gaza Strip, since access to the West Bank would give Hamas more potential to strike at major cities such as Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

While the alternatives to the two-state solution, such as the status quo, the confederation, the three-state solution, and others have their own issues, it is time that we recognize them as legitimate ideas when the two-state solution is a threat to Israel’s very existence.

Maguire Radosevic

Kansas City