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Letters to the editor


Open carry gun ban

Thanks to Mayor Sly James for pushing for a ban to open carry. Thanks to Gov. Jay Nixon for vetoing the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) and National Rifle Association-led state legislature’s bill to promote open carry (7-24, A4, “Mayor pushes open carry ban”).

When will the American people see that the gun corporations, with the help of the NRA and much of the GOP, are turning our land into an armed camp for the sake of one thing only — profit? Children have died in our schools and on our streets while gun makers and NRA executives laugh on the way to their banks.

Will open carry advocates explain to me how I am to know whether someone walking into a store with a gun is a responsible person or a killer taking advantage of open carry to enter and situate himself for a mass slaying of the innocent? Gun makers, of course, couldn’t care less.

Michael Zygmunt

Kansas City

Other KC area needs

Lamar Hunt Jr. recently announced a significant gift to improve downtown Kansas City, Kan.

This was a generous gift, but I wonder why he doesn’t do something similar for the citizens of Jackson County who have supported the Kansas City Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium for so many years through their taxes and attendance.

U.S. 40 is desperately in need of improvements, as is downtown Independence. Hopefully, Mr. Hunt will also take a look at these areas of Jackson County and consider a gift to them.

Dan Dannhauser

Kansas City

Plaza problems

In the wake of the usual soft mayoral and Kansas City police response to teenage hoodlums on the Plaza, it’s time for law-abiding citizens to rise up and boycott the Plaza, especially on weekends, until teens are banned completely at sundown.

We’ve had enough of the “kids have no place to go” philosophy in this city. How about they go home?

We, the people, should boycott Plaza businesses until further notice. Then we must pressure our pusillanimous city leaders to pass a curfew with some force and strict penalties for parents of violators behind it.

Bob Tobia

Kansas City

Overworked on jobs

The American work force is being reduced to part-time minimum wage workers by the economy and government regulations.

The government is requiring businesses to provide paid leave for any reason, workman’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance among other things. Businesses are working full time to find ways to cut overhead cost in a weak economy.

Part-time workers are not covered for benefit requirements under current regulations. Contract workers, not on the payroll, also are not covered. More and more businesses are using contract labor or part-time help to reduce costs and stay profitable. Pay disparity will grow greater in these conditions.

The effect of this trend is to reduce taxes to the governments, cause people to be disconnected from work and not have any commitment to the community. They are too busy working three part-time jobs just to eat and have a place sleep to care about anything.

Richard Blaisdell

Kansas City

Clueless Republicans

Once again, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives is wasting time by bringing a stupid lawsuit against President Barack Obama. I would think our country has bigger problems, but the House has refused to deal with them — many because the ideas came from President Obama and the American public.

This lawsuit will be expensive, and guess who will have to pay for it? Right the first time — the American taxpayer. I think all Republicans who voted for this inane measure should bear the legal fees for this litigation and not you and me.

I am not sure the Republicans have really figured out what the problems facing this country are, but, if they would read the letters to the editor, they might get a clue.

Marlene Shulkin

Overland Park

Streetcars vs. buses

Years ago, Kansas City had streetcars. For, I assume good reasons, we tore out the streetcar tracks and replaced streetcars with buses.

Now we are asked to spends hundreds of millions to replace buses with streetcars and their tracks. Why?

I read The Star from cover to cover every morning. I watch the local news every evening.

However, I have never heard anyone (politician, business person, community leader or private citizen) ever explain the reason we should spend the money to replace buses with streetcars. If there is a case to be made for streetcars over buses, would someone please make it so the rest of us could evaluate it?

Tom Fisher