Smithville High School football player accused of molesting 8-year-old boy

Clay County prosecutors have accused a Smithville High School football player of molesting an 8-year-old boy he babysat.

Prosecutors charged Jacob A. Arnold, 18, of Smithville with one count of child molestation, a class B felony.

The allegations came to light on April 16, when the 8-year-old’s mother told Gladstone police that she believed Arnold, a family friend, had molested the boy and his younger brother.

The younger brother had told his sister that Arnold had been “humping” him and the sister informed their mother. The mother said Arnold babysat her sons about four times before she heard the allegations.

Court records filed last week against Arnold allege that he went into the older boy’s room after his mother put him to bed, pinched the boy’s genitals until it hurt and covered the boy’s mouth to prevent him from calling for help. The boy said the assault stopped because Arnold believed someone was coming up the stairs to the room. Jacob allegedly threatened to kill the older boy if he told anyone about the abuse, court records said.

The older boy said the last time Arnold “humped him” was Aug. 5.

The younger boy detailed similar allegations but did not remember specific dates. He said Arnold “used to be his best friend, but not anymore because Jake’s done a lot of bad stuff to him,” according to court records.

Prosecutors used the younger boy’s allegations in court records to support their charge that Arnold molested the older boy, but Arnold was not charged with committing crimes against the younger boy.

Arnold pleaded not guilty, said his attorney, David Bell.

“In deference to the judicial process, we have no further comment at this time,” Bell said Sunday.

A judge initially assigned Arnold a $50,000 bond, but it was reduced on Friday to $10,000, allowing for Arnold to post 10 percent of the amount. Arnold was released on bond under the conditions that he not contact minors under the age of 15 directly or indirectly. He also is under a curfew and must contact court before leaving a 25-mile radius of Clay County.

Arnold is listed as senior on the Smithville High football team’s online roster.