KC company’s app helps get kids in bed on Christmas Eve

Having trouble getting wound-up kids in bed before Santa’s arrival? There’s a Christmas Eve app for that.

KC Designs LLC Santa’s Secret

last week. What it does is send kids a signal that Mr. Claus is in their neighborhood — and they’d better hit the sheets fast if they want him to stop by with presents.

How it does it: Parents, using a “phone to Santa” button, program in when they want the kiddos in bed — in five minutes, 10 minutes, 20 or 40. That’s in a parents-only section.

After that, parents and children can read the story of Santa’s Secret while waiting for the alert, which includes flashing Christmas tree lights and even Santa’s booming “Ho, Ho, Ho!” The story’s about one Elf Earl, whose mission is to get kids tucked in their beds on Christmas Eve.

Does the alert tell tykes exactly where the jolly old elf is? Say, with GPS coordinates?

Nah, says KC Designs president Travis Scott: “Just that he’s very near.”

Scott says the story on the app is a condensed version of a Kindle book called “Santa’s Secret” that happens to have been written by his cousin Robert Scott.

The Santa’s Secret app, only for Apple’s iPad, costs 99 cents.

The e-book is usually 99 cents as well, but Scott says it will be free Dec. 24 at


. It’s also available as a paperback coloring book.

KC Designs is an offshoot of another company, KC Gadgets LLC, which has developed such apps as Golf Coach, Exercise Coach, March Brackets (think March Madness) and trivia app Match It.

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