Chuck Norris does ‘splits’ between two airplanes: Take that, Van Damme!

So whos the bigger, badder action hero, Chuck Norris or Jean-Claude Van Damme? Decide for yourself after watching Norris parody of Van Dammes gravity-defying epic splits between two Volvo trucks.

In a video created by Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, Norris offers Greetings From Chuck (the epic Christmas split).

Starting with a close-up shot of the 73-year-old Walker, Texas Ranger star, the camera pulls back to show him standing between two airplanes, one foot on each wing. As the planes pull away from each other, Norris drops into the splits just like the 53-year-old Van Damme did between those two Volvo trucks.

The only difference? Norris has 11 soldiers standing on his head in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Its all CGI magic, whereas Van Damme really did perform his stunt. But its still pretty funny stuff from Norris, who co-starred with Van Damme in The Expendables 2.

By the way, the video of Van Dammes trick has garnered more than 62 million hits on YouTube.