No more reindeer games after large spill of Christmas toys on I-435

Kansas City police arrived too late to save a wayward reindeer Wednesday morning.

It “wandered” onto Interstate 435 somewhere in the neighborhood of Wornall Road late Wednesday morning.

A police traffic unit officer sent to the scene soon relayed bad news to dispatchers downtown.

“Rudolph is 10-42 out here,” he reported, using police jargon that meant Rudolph had, um, finished his shift. “We’re not shutting down the highway to pick up the pieces.”

Could it be that Grandma had gotten revenge for, as the song says, being run over by a reindeer?


And kiddies needn’t fret about Christmas either.

This wasn’t the real Rudolph.

A driver toting a load of Christmas toys had “dropped a whole bunch” on the interstate, a dispatcher explained. The debris, including what remained of a stuffed bear, ended up strewn from Wornall Road to State Line.

Santa could not be reached for comment.