Race baiting? TMZ asks: African-American or N-word?

TMZ has descended to a new depth of disgusting with its latest poll. The gossip site is asking readers whether blacks should be called African-American or wait for it:

The N-Word.

I regret to say this is not a joke.


is running a race-baiting, stomach turning poll. I know that the infamous Suge Knight, the co-founder and CEO of the former Death Row Records, spent a few ignorant minutes explaining to TMZ his preference of being identified as the N-word rather than African-American.

But it is misguided and deplorable for TMZ to invite people to vote on whether to refer to black people as African-American or the N-Word. Already, there are nearly 35,000 votes and counting, with most people agreeing with Suge Knight.

We expect better, even from you, TMZ.