Pope Francis is a snow angel on The New Yorker cover

The New Yorker magazine follows up a stunning cover tribute to Nelson Mandela with another winner – this one depicting the affable Pope Francis as a snow angel.

“Pope Francis appears to be a decent fellow — a mensch — and a sincere advocate of goodwill and peace on Earth. But who am I to judge?” writes Barry Blitt, the artist who drew the cover to go with James Carroll’s profile, “A Radical Pope’s First Year.”

This is the second magazine cover for the pontiff in recent days. Time magazine last week named him Person of the Year, calling him the "The People's Pope."

Notes the

National Review Online

: “One thing stands out on The New Yorker cover: The pope who can’t stop talking about ‘encounter’ would never be making snow angels by himself — and the people who are drawn to filling St. Peter’s Square to encounter him or ran up to his car in Rio would never leave him to be making them on his own. Where are the kids?”

Last week’s Mandela cover was created by African-American artist Kadir Nelson, who drew the South African leader as a young man, fist raised triumphantly, defiantly in the air.

The New Yorker. On a roll.