ATM is stolen from Northland movie theater

Someone used a vehicle to yank an ATM from the lobby of a Northland movie theater Friday morning.

Officials from the Northglen 14 Theatre at 4900 N.E. 80th St. called Kansas City police about 9 a.m. after discovering the theft. Video surveillance revealed the heist occurred about 5:30 a.m.

The thief or thieves broke a front door and tied something around the ATM, then used a vehicle to pull it out of the building and cart it away, said Sgt. Danny Graves.

It contained about $300, police said.

Police aren’t sure if the crime is connected to a previous theft and attempted theft of two ATMs last month.

On Nov. 21, two men triggered the alarm at the Gas Mart USA at 4111 Blue Ridge Cutoff about 4 a.m. Store surveillance video showed a man backing a pickup truck to the window. A second man broke the window and secured a chain around the ATM. The truck pulled forward, dislodging the ATM. The men then loaded it into the bed of a black-over-silver pickup truck and drove away.

A few weeks earlier, a burglar tried to steal an ATM from a closed Northland convenience store. Police think someone stole a white pickup truck, went to the Pour Boy Oil Co. at 4225 N. Oak Trafficway in the middle of the night and broke the window. The burglar hooked a chain to the ATM but got scared, possibly by the approach of some security guards, Graves said.

The truck drove away without the machine. Police later found the truck abandoned about 3 miles away.