Former UMKC student is accused of stalking instructor

A former University of Missouri-Kansas City student has been indicted in federal court for allegedly sending an instructor a nightmarish series of emails that threatened mutilation, torture and murder.

Kenna Haight, 27, of Norfolk, Va., was arrested there Thursday on a sealed cyberstalking indictment returned in Kansas City two days before.

Haight is accused of showering more than 100 threatening emails on the UMKC instructor between September 2012 and Wednesday. Haight identified herself on her Facebook page as a former UMKC nursing student who left the school after being accused of “falsifying a patient’s medical records.”

The instructor is not identified in the indictment or in other court records related to the case. A university spokesman declined to comment.

On Oct. 1, Haight purportedly emailed the instructor that “homicidal fantasies” about the educator were keeping her up at night.

The following day, Haight allegedly complained that changes the instructor had made in her class schedule had ruined her life.

“My life went down the drain when you changed your schedule and I changed my schedule to take your … exam,” her email said, according to the indictment.

Later that day, Haight accused the instructor of somehow being responsible for a sexual assault she suffered, court records said.

“Am I in the backseat of your car ready to slit your carotid artery?” Haight purportedly wrote. “Am I in the closet at your house? … Am I underneath your car ready to cut your achilles heal? Are your lug nuts secure on your car??”

Haight also purportedly suggested that if she ever was accused of murder, she would not plead self-defense.

“I would just say I think authoritarians don’t deserve to live … here is my arm … inject the medication and put me out of my misery please. … I am tired of being abused by authoritarians,” Haight allegedly wrote.

The instructor took her concerns to Clay County Circuit Court on Oct. 4, and a judge quickly issued an order of protection barring Haight from having any contact with the teacher.

But the emails kept coming. On the same day the judge issued the protection order, Haight allegedly wrote that a man she knew wanted to have a baby with her. But if that baby died, he would exact revenge on the instructor’s child.

“He wants to kill your first-born in front of you,” Haight purportedly wrote.

Other emails in the following weeks threatened sodomy with a stainless steel baseball bat.

The last email reported in the indictment suggested that the instructor might be tortured and mutilated.

“You may find yourself tied to your own bed in your own home, begging for mercy,” it read. “Or having your tongue cut out and your spinal cord cut, paralyzing you for life so that you can never walk or speak again.

“Who knows what the universe has in store for you? If someone invades your home and cuts out your tongue … not my fault. Wishful thinking.”

A Virginia judge on Friday ordered that Haight be held in custody and returned to Kansas City. If convicted, she could be sentenced to five years in prison and fined up to $250,000.