Robbers pull off heist in KC despite exploding gun

A tough-acting robber made an impression — but not the one he intended — during a holdup at a Kansas City chicken restaurant Thursday night.

He aimed his silver revolver at the manager of the Church’s Chicken at 11500 Blue Ridge Blvd. about 8:30 p.m. and cocked the hammer. He then pointed the gun at the ceiling and fired, apparently to show he meant business.

But the gun exploded in his hand. Pieces of it clanked on the floor.

The robber’s partner took over with a black handgun and stole about $100 from a cash register. The robbers ran toward an apartment complex across the street, police said.

Officers recovered pieces of the broken revolver as well as a spent shell casing and several live rounds.

Police did not know why the gun fell apart, but Sgt. Ward Smith, supervisor of the Police Department’s firearms section, said explosions can occur when guns are in bad condition or poorly maintained or if the owner uses the wrong kind of ammunition.

“Believe it or not,” Smith said, “bad guys aren’t usually into gun maintenance.”

Both robbers wore ski masks. Detailed descriptions were not available.